A Huge Thank You to my Family and Friends

I would like to first tell you how I am overwhelmed with the support and generosity of everyone. The journey has clearly started. I seem to make incremental steps in my recovery. I am eating three meals a day and I am breathing room air. Sleep is still a little bit of a problem, but it gets better every day. My speech is also improving.

The staff and therapists at Kessler are fantastic. I have dedicated physical, occupational, and speech therapists and I see them five days a week. I’m also demoing a state of the art power chair that allows me to drive with my mouth.

St. Margaret has been my rock! She is with me every day and I clearly could not take this journey without her.

Again, thank you everyone and I’ll do these updates more frequently.


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38 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You to my Family and Friends

  1. Scud!!! This is so awesome to see you posting updates (especially on Scudbook… in case you weren’t aware, I officially change the name of Facebook to Scudbook). Looking good buddy!

  2. So amazing to the progress you’re making Scud! We’re all with you in spirit and you’re never far from our thoughts.

  3. YES! GREAT to hear from you Scud! We love the updates- keep them coming! You are a source of motivation and inspiration for all of us.

  4. Great to hear from you! You better keep these updates coming Jester! You and St. Margaret are SUPERSTARS! Yeah!! I’m so psyched you are doing so well!!! These exclamation marks are not getting it done for me!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great to hear from you Scott! And so great to know that you are making progress, it may be a long road ahead – but I can’t think of anyone better equipped to travel it. Hope to see you over Thanksgiving when we are in New York.

  6. Great to hear from you, this is such a great update!!! Keep them coming, we all love to hear how you’re doing. Sending happy thoughts and Happy Halloween!!!!!

  7. Scud!!! I’m tickled pink to read an update directly from YOU!!! You’re a superstar, dude, and you continue to inspire! Let me know when you’re ready to hit the slopes. There’s a special group of people at Liberty who will be ready to make it happen! Keep up the excellent recovery!

  8. What a wonderful note and photo. Have gotten updates regularly from Laurie. Sending more prayers your way for continued recovery. Friend from Niagara Falls

  9. What a great photo. Its good to see looking so good, and even better to hear of your progress. Keep up the great work.

  10. Scott,
    It’s so good to see your smiling face. Wonderful to hear of your continued progress! My prayers are still with you and your family. Your friend and fan……Jean Spence (friend of your sisters)

  11. So wonderful to see your post. Brian, O and I send warm wishes to you and St. Margaret. Keep being you and finding wonder in new experiences.

  12. It is good to see you taking nourisment,we follow your progress each day. I am trying to help your dietician and develop a potato soup made with cream ale instead of milk. So far its not to tasty,even the garbage man wont take it away, LOL . Keep up the good work. luv ya Buddy

  13. Scott,
    Thank you for this post! It It occurred to me that one of the things people probably notice and remember most about you is your broad grin and you still have that 🙂 Now that you are back online the world is once again your oyster, and I know you will be stringing pearls soon.
    Laura and Tony

  14. Scott,
    You look great…and that’s really saying something when you’re wearing a jester’s hat and pumpkin! What a treat (get it…treat…Halloween…) to see you posting yourself. It’s great to see you improving and getting stronger everyday. Keep charging Buddy. -Mike

  15. Scott, As you said…one day at a time…they built the Pyramids and the Great Wall…you will do the unexpected!

  16. Dear Scott……You are so amazing and to also have that booming smile on your face certainly lights up all of faces as well as our hearts!! I can only imagine how inspiring you are to those people around you, not to mention those of us who know you so well….you are not only inspirational, you are astounding!! They picked the right guy to demo that new power chair. I hope they realize once you master the controls, they are going to have to put a GPS on it to track you and your whereabouts! No stopping the SCUD!!
    There is not a day or moment that goes by that you and Margaret are not thought of and prayed for. You are constantly in our thoughts and we would not miss a day to read these precious updates and milestones that you make with the love and dedication of some great staff and of course Saint Margaret.

    GOD has a mission for you that is certain. Love you 2 so much!

    Nancy xoxo

  17. Speechless, watery eyes, you have strength and spirit; pass it on to those near you that need it. Margaret, you are the BOMB DIGGITY!

  18. Fantastic! You are an amazing person! I have no doubt you will make astounding progress at Kessler. Great post, looking forward to many more!

  19. Scud! What an awesome picture and punkin! Where did you get the hat? 🙂 It is sooo good to hear from you. Keep the faith.

  20. You make a fine pumpkin there, Scud. Just make sure no one tries to put a lit candle in you.

    I don’t comment nearly as often as I should, but I’ll be damned if I haven’t read every one of your updates, usually the day it’s posted. I’m certain I’m not the only one for whom that holds true.

    Anyway, you keep updating and we’ll keep reading.


  21. Scott- great to see a pic of you with your wonderful smile! Your journey constantly puts into perspective all of life’s normal bumps and frustrations. I love reading all the posts and am so glad you have such an amazing group of close friends and family. You inspire all of us. Stay strong and keep posting your great smile!

  22. Always the Jester! Glad to see a big smile on your face. Ain’t no mountain high enough and no valley deep enough to keep the Mighty Scud down.

  23. Scud, it’s great to see you moving forward despite the obstacles! Consider yourself lucky. I know this sounds strange but someone has a plan for you. One of my 2nd cousins summed it up for me when I was informed of a unfortunate diagnosis, “…there are only a few of us in the world who are lucky enough to be given our future. Consider yourself fortunate and use this gift and teach others as best as you can how to move on and live a full life. Live to be an example as others sharing your difficulty (many are friends unbeknownced to you) are looking for inspiration in someone sharing similar difficulty and will find it in you.”

    If anyone has the spirit, the will and the passion, you do, Scud. Keep up the great work! It’s wonderful to see your contagious smile my friend!

    All the best!
    Ted G.

  24. Scott, your radiant smile could make a thousand tulips grow!!!!! Like the others, I’ve got watery eyes. You are a lucky lucky man to be surrounded by such faithful followers and such love- mirroring back to you what you have given. Update when you can, my friend. Stay radiant.

  25. Keep up the good work at Kessler and don’t let anyone carve up that pumpkin with you still in it. What a great pic! I just returned from a mountain biking trip to Nepal that I’ll have to tell you all about when I see you next. Take care buddy!

  26. Hey Dad!
    I’m so glad to see that you were able to put a smile everyone’s face by posting and sharing a pic! Just wait till you see what we bring you for Thanksgiving!
    I’m inspired by you and your love for life. I love you so much!
    See you soon!

  27. SCUD!! How far you’ve come in such a short while!! I miss you! Tried to get there 11/1 and even today, but had kid duty and other stuff. I’ll definitely see you Thanksgiving — if you’re still there!

  28. You, sir, are amazing! You will change everyone’s attitude about what is possible! Docs and therapists will be writing about and giving TED talks about you. In fact, you’ll probably give a TED talk. Linus was right: The Great Pumpkin is real!

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