A Message From Jen Rodriguez – Proud Oldest daughter of Scott

Hello All,

Let me introduce myself. I am Jen Rodriguez. Proud Oldest daughter of Scott.
There was a time in my life not too long ago that I truly didn’t understand my dad. I felt that I knew and loved him, his schedule and his passions, but I truly didn’t understand his drive to do so much and fit so many things into his life. Somehow (in my eyes) the more people he fit into his schedule and routine meant less of a connection that he could possibly have had with each. Right? How can you have enough time to really connect on a certain level with so many different people in different walks of life on such a demanding and short time schedule? I would laugh. I would be irritated. I would be frustrated and at times I would be envious. Now, I know I was wrong. After the accident, I am proud. I can’t believe what has happened over the last two weeks. Sure, some would say our family is still in shock. But really I feel as though I am in awe. I know now why my dad stretched himself the way he did. Why he refused to slow down and take it easy. I understand that he only truly was happy when he surrounded himself with amazing, intelligent and inspiring people that pushed him to be the best that he could be.

I have always felt as though my dad is truly special. Now I know how special all of his friends were too!!!
After seeing what you ALL have done over the last 2 weeks with the website, fund raising, the support visits, endless positive energy and prayers and most importantly the recent actions of “The SCUD army” of researchers…I now can truly understand my father. Understanding who and what he stands for has come at a high price. I’m still struggling with that, but not alone.
I am overwhelmed by the amount of energy, time and respect you all have shown my dad and this family. You ALL are amazing individuals and we are so blessed that my dad chose to live his life surrounding himself with people like you.

Things may never be the same for my dad, they may never may be the same for our whole family or yours. But I do know that my dad is blessed to have you all in his corner, fighting for him when he can’t yet for himself. I truly believe he will get there. He will go to a rehab center based on the dedication of all of you who demand the best for him. He will once again surround himself with special individuals who will help achieve his personal goals and he will once again be able to enjoy life to the fullest. He has always taught us many lessons through his actions and lifestyle. I understand now that no matter what has changed for him physically, he will continue to teach us, inspire us, and awe us with his greatness. I understand that as I gaze into his hopeful and sparkling eyes. As I touch his skin that still has warmth and as I listen to his respirator do his breathing that I feel hopeful he will do again on his own someday.

Thank you from the bottom, the middle, and the top of my heart, for all you have put forth to help locate, call, research, interview different Rehabs. I can’t fully explain in words how much it means to me and my family. We can only tell you thank you and express that we all feel like Dad has brought us closer to understanding the gift in life. The gift of friendship and love.

Thank you Kevin, Jason, Leslie, Adam, Christina, my dear love of my life Carl my mom and sister and Scudamore Family. ALL OF YOU who have spent your precious time putting forward my dad’s needs before all else….THANK YOU.
I continue to pray for him and all of you that we gain peace through this tough time. Nobody will ever understand the “why’s” of life’s terrible tragedies…but we can start a new journey together with my dad and create our own answers to the questions that are to come. Things happen for reasons we can’t simply wrap our brains around…but our spirits are forever connected now. That’s a really amazing thing.
God Bless and thank you so much for all your hard work, donations, prayers and dedication.

Love, jen

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  1. Jen,

    Please let your Dad and Mom know that Belinda and I (and all of Scud’s friends in the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association) are rooting for him. He is in our thoughts and prayers. We wish him a speedy recovery.

    Tom and Belinda Sauret

  2. You put me to tears :'( I am so proud to call him my uncle and know that he is a part of my amazing family……he has touched more people’s lives than anyone I have ever known and his attitude on life is one of a kind and definitely one that I envy. I love him so much and am so grateful for the support that he has gotten. I also would like to say thank you to all……he’s a man that inspires people, me included 🙂 and he continues to to this day 🙂 I love you Jen and I think about you guys all the time.

    • Love you too Amanda! Dad loves his Buffalo family and is sooooooo grateful for your love and support and prayers. Keep those videos of your beautiful boys coming. He really enjoys hearing your voice and seeing the kiddos!
      See you soon cousin!!!
      Love, jen

  3. Jenn what a beautiful and heartfelt update. It was great to see you, Martin and all of your family especially meeting your sister at Venture Quest. I am proud to be part of Scud’s army and have you Scud, Margaret, and all of the Scudamore’s in my thoughts and prayers.

    Scud, you are one of the most determined, passionate, loyal, incredible person I know. We love to rib you here and there, but it’s all done out of love. Your will and detemination alone could get you and about 10 other people around you through something like this. And I can only imagine how much the people around you in rehab will benefit from that. You have an entire army behind you buddy routing and pulling for you. You have blessed so many people with your infectious smile and positive attitude that it’s only coming back to you 10 fold from sooooo many people. I hope that you can feel that. And I know that you will have a HUGE welcome home party when get back home. Now buck up buddy… just another lap to go! When you’re ready for visitors, I’ll be there!

  4. Wonderfully put. I enjoyed meeting you and our visit with Scud yesterday. I’m encouraged by Scud’s speedy progress and fasttrack towards a topnotch facility. Scud and your family should be a model for overcoming and powering thru a challenging situation. I don’t recall every witnessing such resolve and support with a SCI case.

  5. Jen! I met you and your family years ago at, what? A mtb event your dad was doing. . You and I talked about riding together one day and just never got around to it.

    I add to everyone else’s thoughts that your spirit is just as open, strong and funny as your dad’s and mom’s. I look forward to hearing about his new kinds of adventures. I pray strength, peace and more open spaces for all of you.

  6. Scud’s mission in life is to selflessly make someone else’s day better. All of our lives are richer for the things he does.

    You saw your Dad loading a bike on the car and driving off towing his trailer.

    What we saw was a man pulling up with a trailer and a bike who would set up the kitchen, check people into the campsite he arranged, lead us around on adventures in places we had never seen before, fix and build trails at places we never knew existed before, tell stories and drink beers around a campfire, show children for the first time the excitement of riding a bike in the woods while dressed as Superman, attend meetings most of us never even knew were happening to gain and keep access to parks, rallying teams at races to push themselves harder than they had before, and being a best friend to people when they needed one.

    You saw your Dad pull into the driveway a few days later with a dusty bike on the car and a trailer smelling of vegetable oil.

    When he was away from you on yet another darn outing he was not out riding with friends. He was leading friends.

    Many of us would not be enjoying the happiness of our sport without him. He pulled us into this world. It is unfair what has happened to your Dad. It makes me angry and it makes me sad. He has had so many things taken from him and from you.

    But Scud always somehow finds a way to inspire and make the most out of any situation. He is still the same man he always was except now he has new challenges to conquer. He has a legacy and will create a new legacy leading forward.

    Scott Scudamore is our hero.

    • Sean, this is was perfectly written. I remember struggling to the top of a really tough hill on the trek part of a race. There he was, encouraging me to keep going and smiling broadly when he recognized me. Once he made sure my breathing was regular (ha!), he couldn’t wait to show me video of his granddaughter on one of her first trails. His pride was palpable and positive spirit contagious.

    • Sean, the last time I remember seeing Scud was when I lived in East Tennessee, and had convinced our local club to have our annual camping trip at Douthat at the same time MORE was there for their Fall trip. I was showing folks some of my favorite trails, and we passed Scud going in the opposite direction, leading folks around for their first time at Douthat… The same way he did for me countless times.

  7. Jen – What a lovely letter. I’ve known Scott for many years and have had many fond memories of rides and camping trips with him. His face would always light up especially brightly when talking of his family. He is so proud of all of you. As he travels the tough road ahead on his recovery, he is incredibly lucky to have such a great family. Please be sure to find moments to take care of yourselves along the way. My thoughts are with all of you.

  8. Sean,
    Thank you so much for the kind words about my Dad. You are so right on so many levels. We used to joke that Dad doesn’t like to join the show…He likes to run the show! Now, I’m learning about all the behind the scenes details I never really knew about him!
    I will read your post to him tomorrow when I visit.
    Thank you for your love and support!
    Love, Jen

    • Jen, I just wanted to echo what Sean said so well! I don’t know how to say it better! Scott is my friend and my hero! I would jokingly say in replies to his adventures on Facebook that I wanted to grow up to be like him! While it was always said as a joke – there is also an element of truth. Scott always inspires others to be a better version of themselves – that is perhaps his greatest gift, and I know he will keep on doing that no matter what lies in the road ahead. Please let him know that the whole Caverly family is pulling for him and looking forward to the next adventures we can share with you all!


  9. Monette,

    Of course!!!! I remember you! We have only met once or twice and we never did go on that ride! Well, Dad has a way of bringing people together…doesn’t he???
    Thank you so much for your support during this rough time with dad. I know your post will bring a smile to his face when I read it tomorrow.

  10. Wow – I too have tears in my eyes reading Jen’s letter and all the responses. Jen, your Dad is truly inspirational! The world is a better place because of him and mine and my family’s life is better because of him. When biking a trail – long ago – he told me “momentum is your friend”. Well after flipping over my bike while failing to clear a log but maintaining momentum – I was not sure about the whole “friend” thing but he kept encouraging me without forcing me to go beyond my comfort level (admittedly, my level is pretty wimpy) Don’t know that I ever mastered “log jumping” but I do enjoy riding trails through the woods. I was excited the first time I managed to “bike Burma” in the PW Forest (these are tails that go back about 20 years). Your Dad gets just excited for others, even their small victories, as he does for his own accomplishments. He has always been great at supporting others – it is now our turn to support him and the rest of you. As always, you, your Dad, and your whole family are in our thoughts and prayers daily. We should all live like your Dad!

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