A tale of two bikes… and lots of kids

I waited to write. I don’t know why, telling stories is one of my things.

I’ve told dozens of stories about the kids in TrailsforYouth.Org’s program over and over again and they bring tears to eyes, mostly mine. But I’ve never told the story of TYO and Scud.

I guess I could tell the story about him being president of TYO’s board for years, or his role as superman at our festivals, or how he showed me to run races years ago or to work a grill at our camping trips. Heck he even gave me his grill, but people know these stories, all part of the Scud Lore.

So instead I’ll tell the story of two small blue Cannondales, TYO has had these particular bikes for about 6 years or so. They are still two of our best bikes, great for kids. Hundreds of children have learned to bike safely and race using these bikes, including one of my sons. One of these bikes helped a girl on suicide watch get herself back together, after her mother died. Carolina Rivas became a champion on one of these bikes and her little brother is following in her foot steps on the same bike.


Scud was an important part of the TYO Family.

We have about 40 bikes in the TYO fleet, but these bikes are special. They stand out, they are a little better than everything else we have, the kids flock to them and they are usually the first ones picked if given the choice. They have been hauled around, ridden hard and dropped more than once, but they are durable, special and loved. They’ve outlasted most of our other bikes and will be around for a long time continuing to make a difference… sounds kinda familiar doesn’t it?

That would make sense because about 6 years ago, some guy named Scud won a Cannondale 29er as a prize for some reason or another, and when asked what size he wanted he bargained for two small blue Cannondales in lieu of the 29er for himself. Scud has never ridden either of these bikes yet, but some of him has definitely rubbed off on them and on the hundreds of kids who he continues to help in so many ways.

Thank you for helping give them and TYO a voice.

Pat Childers

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