About This Fund

As you can imagine this fund and website came together very quickly in an effort to help support our good friend Scud. This is a grassroots effort by MORE and a group of us who consider Scud a close friend and just really wanted to do something to help.

Personally I was hit pretty hard by the news, as I know many of you were. I like many of you really wanted to do something to help out. This website and this fund is the result of that desire. This site was born out of a phone call and quick brainstorming session I had with Kevin Adams (another close friend of Scud’s) yesterday morning. At the end of the call I started working the technical side of things and he went of to start working on how we were going to administer this thing.

I’m pouring my time and energy into this page and fund in an effort to channel what I’m feeling into something positive, and by extension give all of you the chance to do the same. I want to be 100% clear, any and all money we collect for this fund will be handed over directly to Scud and his family. They will be free to use that money in whatever way they feel best aids his recovery,  medical bills. etc whatever.  When you make a donation here it is a personal donation to our friend Scud intended to help him through his recovery. We all want him back out there with us and serving up some Scud fries.

Unfortunately as we learned this morning donations to a specific individual are not tax deductible. Please forgive the incorrect info listed on  the page yesterday stating it was. We’re kind of new to running something like this and to be honest we’re learning as we go. As mentioned on the main site posting,  if any who donated yesterday have a problem with the deduction status clarification send me a note and I’ll issue you a refund / fix it asap. jasona@more-mtb.org.

Thank you to everyone for their support. It’s truly inspiring.


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