About Scud Fries And This Fund

As many of you know, Scott Scudamore (affectionately known to many as “Scud”) has done more to support mountain biking in our area than anyone could ever hope to accomplish. A lifetime member of the Mid Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE), Scud has been and continues to be one of the driving forces behind MORE’s early and continued success. Simply put, MORE would not be the organization it is today without the work of one Scott Scudamore.

Scud FriesScudfries.org was established to support our long-time friend and to assist his family in this critical time. The idea for scudfies.org was hatched through the efforts of a few key individuals. Leslie Keck (MORE member and personal friend of Scud) got the ball rolling when she reached out to MORE Trail Boss Kevin Adams with the idea of creating a fund to help cover medical expenses and other expenses that will be piling on. Kevin in turn reached out to MORE Membership Director and Webmaster Jason Ashmore and MORE President Dave Ferraro, each of whom was already beginning to look for ways to help. After a brief call and brainstorming session among one another and the MORE board, scudfries.org was launched. This is our grassroots effort to help our friend Scud who has helped so many of us in so many ways over the years.

Jason Ashmore has been running the technical side of things and Kevin Adams is focused on administering the overall effort and the donations. Long time pal of both Scud and Jason, Martin has been helping not only to coordinate with Scud and his family but is responsible for our new look and design! Martin as a general in “Scud’s Army” will be helping further the scudfries mission. You can rest assured that 100% of every donation MORE collects on behalf of Scud will be given directly to the Scudamore family, who will then be free to use this money to help offset medical bills and other expenses associated with Scud’s recovery.

We all want Scud back out there on the trails and at our local events as soon as possible. If you have any questions about this page or the fund, please contact us at scudfries@more-mtb.org.

3 thoughts on “About Scud Fries And This Fund

  1. Thank you so much Jason and Kevin for your work here! I know Scud only for 1 year or so but he has already had big influence in my life! I had no idea (but not really surprised!) at how many friends he has in his life! This is just so amazing! He deserves all the love and attention because Scud would drop everything to help a friend in need.

  2. Jason, thanks so much for organizing and overseeing donations… unfortunately when I visited Caring Bridge site for the first time, I immediately donated money there, not realizing it wouldn’t go directly to Scud and his family. I’m in a really tight place financially and just can’t afford to make another donation again, so I was super bummed to realize the little I pitched in won’t immediately help Scud. You might want to encourage the person overseeing the Caring Bridge site to add a clear message to the “Tributes” page that donations go to the actual website instead, especially since more people have donated there in the last couple days… thanks!

  3. Thanks to everyone for the efforts at Scudfries.org.

    I look forward to seeing Scott back in the dirt where he belongs.

    Get well.


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