Something to be Thankful for..

It spite of all that has happened,I have much to be thankful for: I have amazing friends and family,amazing and caring wife,fantastic medical staff and therapists at Kessler. About an hour ago, I moved my right thumb witnessed by two people. Thank you for all your card,donations and prayers. It is much appreciated. Scud

Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

Lots of progress since I last posted. I am eating “real” food. I am in a power wheelchair that I control with my mouth. And I no longer have a neck collar. I have had lots of visitors and I get to see my brother and my grandkids this weekend. I am still overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from all my family and friends. Thank you for all the cards that I have received since I have been here at Kessler. I remain upbeat and positive and will continue to fight the good fight. Scud
PS: Scuds Army Rocks !!!!!!
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A Huge Thank You to my Family and Friends

I would like to first tell you how I am overwhelmed with the support and generosity of everyone. The journey has clearly started. I seem to make incremental steps in my recovery. I am eating three meals a day and I am breathing room air. Sleep is still a little bit of a problem, but it gets better every day. My speech is also improving.

The staff and therapists at Kessler are fantastic. I have dedicated physical, occupational, and speech therapists and I see them five days a week. I’m also demoing a state of the art power chair that allows me to drive with my mouth.

St. Margaret has been my rock! She is with me every day and I clearly could not take this journey without her.

Again, thank you everyone and I’ll do these updates more frequently.


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