Big Thank You, Off To A Great Start!

Since we published the site I’ve been looking in on the donations and I have never been more proud to be part of a community than I have been today as part of MORE and our local riding community. You guys are off to an amazing start and sending a clear message of support to Scud and family.

I wanted to take a moment to send a HUGE thanks to the folks that have donated so generously. You all are amazing.

Thanks to the following folks for stepping up and getting us off to a great start today! Keep it up I know together we can make a difference.

** I debated a bit about posting names but ultimately I decided to. I think this is as much about letting Scot and his family know we are behind him as anything else. Seeing this incredible list of generous folks getitng us started is inspirational.  Thank each and every one of you for pitching in. (If you’d prefer to stay anonymous let me know and I’ll fix that). **

  • Daniel Hostler
  • Michael Dart
  • Deborah Ball
  • Leslie Keck
  • Joseph White
  • Sean Chisham
  • Robert Eiserman
  • Debra Li
  • Stephanie Blanch
  • John Havill
  • Daniel Drumwright
  • David George
  • Elizabeth Vogel
  • Jill Ranes
  • Tom Jackson
  • Marco Demartin
  • Rodd Kugler
  • Ann Chen
  • Erin Bishop
  • Kent Baake
  • Sid Rappe
  • Greg Coleman
  • Michael Bender
  • Richardson Anthony
  • Kevin Hughes
  • Evan Wagner
  • Liquidsales LLC
  • Jason Ashmore

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