Scott to Scud, Long ago & Far away!

Fletcher here, I know Scott may claim the “Fifth Dimension or Diplomatic Immunity” or something like that but here it goes:

Since this goes back away I may need help of the Tribal Elders, B, Hero, Wes, Dan, Karen, Mark, Larry, Bob, Vince, etc.

Bullets: know a lot of you but have been gone from MORE and NO VA since ’99, in ATL GA.

  • Saw an ad in Dirt Rag from a fellow I refer to as Mr. B. wanting to ride MTB’s near C’Ville, hooked up and the group grew. This was in the early ‘90’s I had an ’89 Fisher with chain stay mounted brakes, still have it, any of you folks seen thumb shifters? WTB Phoenix has thumb shifters as well, steel is real!
  • Let’s start a club! The bike shop in C’Ville and Performance at the circle had us with open arms.
  • Remember this? Ringle, Cook Brothers, Fat Chance, Anodized parts, (blue, purple, etc?) Thomson (my home town, Macon) Cane Creek (Fletcher, NC)
  • Dirt Fest? Put on by Dirt Rag somewhere in PA, Way before Jim Thorpe
  • Slatyfork, way before 24 hrs
  • Scud, Ambassador, Met him as an amateur football player wanting to ride ATB’s many years ago! 17 plus? What a guy, Margaret too! Many a mile, many a log on a campfire, many fries and wings many a beer, many a fib, many a laugh
  • I am fortunate you are a part of my life and everyone else you have and will touch!
  • BTW-I think we called you “Scud” after a long range Russian missile in the early”90”S because we never knew where you would land.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

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Riding With Scud At The 2013 Moco Epic™

The always awesome Jim Bole put together the following video to show how many of us were riding the Moco Epic™ with our pal Scud. Notice the smiles on everyones faces when they talk about Scud, that’s just the kinda guy he is. Even a couple hundred miles away he can still make people smile and have fun on our bikes.

On a personal note, Martin and I were all set to ride this with Scud this year as a group. As Martin and this video reminded me we actually did very much ride with Scud that day. WE ride with Scud!

Who is this guy?

Submitted by Jamie Beadle

Scud Rappels

Scud Rappels

Most of you know Scud through the biking ant tri communities, but a few of us are lucky enough to have gotten to know Scud when he embarked on one of his newer passions – Water Rescue and driving for our volunteer Rescue Squad.

Scott showed up at a meeting or two and a training or two, always with a million questions and wanting to learn and do MORE, MORE, MORE. At first, I didn’t know what to do with this, as Training Officer for the Water Rescue Team we take a gradual approach to training with new members absorbing things gradually. That simply did not cut it for Scud. Finally, I dug out a Swiftwater Rescue book about 300 pages long and told him to read it. Then, I put together a draft training plan and shared it with Scott for input – there he goes, always making people and organizations better!

Scott quickly became an important member of our team whose enthusiasm has led to a fast progression both in the water rescue skills and as a caring, compassionate and enthusiastic ambulance driver. Scud – you are sorely missed around the building!!!!!!!!!!

In the first three quarters of 2013 Scott was near the top of our Water Rescue team for attendance at trainings and those he missed were inevitably because he was off riding somewhere!

On the day of Scud’s accident, he called to try and talk me into going to a Swiftwater Conference outside of Asheville this coming weekend – who would ever imagine him trying to wrangle someone else into an adventure.

Scott – you will be with me on the river this weekend. From river searches to rapelling and rope work, to kayaking skills, to tending divers, to diving off the tallest wall at our quarry training site, Scott has excelled through his enthusiasm and natural aptitude. Plus, he made us Scudfries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been my distinct pleasure to both coach and be coached by Scott (he helped my bike skills so that I could complete my first half iron) and I look forward to learing from him in this new challenge too.

We’ll see you soon buddy – every day, a little stronger.

Solstice Adventure

Submitted by Kevin Adams – aka Grasshopper

10 Days; 7 States; 11 Rides; 2 Important Lessons!

I’ve traveled with Scud to compete in many XTERRAs across the U.S. Most were to exotic locations in Florida, California, Utah, and Hawaii but the most interesting trip was the one we took in late June 2012 to Jamestown, North Dakota to compete in XTERRA Pipestem Creek.

North Dakota?

One of Scud’s goals is to ride his bike in every State and neither of us had been to North Dakota so we reached out to the race director in early 2012 and after a few emails decided what the heck. St. Margaret and Weezie, who were more than happy to get rid of us for 10 days, quickly gave us their blessings, and on June 17, 2012 we left Bethesda for Chicago and the first leg of our trip.

Great singletrack riding

Royalview trail

On the way to Chicago, we stopped off in Strongville, OH, right off I-80 to ride the grand opening of the Royalview trail (left) where we had 8.5 miles of smiles and whoops. There was a huge inaugural trail party going on but Chicago beckoned and thunderstorms in the area made my mind up and we continued non-stop with Scud complaining all the way to Chicago that I was starving him.
I worked in Chicago on Monday/Tuesday to pay for my part of the trip while Scud replenished the calories I had denied him by visiting Walker Brothers Pancakes across the street from our hotel–where he would order the Apple Cinnamon pancake. This island sized 4,000,000 calorie behemoth – and that’s before the French vanilla ice cream topping he ordered with it – took him almost an hour to consume.

Apple Pancakes

Apple Pancakes

Now that the trip was paid for, the real adventure began on Wednesday as we headed into Wisconsin, where I learned my 1st important lesson which goes something like this. My idea of a trip is to get to the destination in the quickest possible time. Scud’s idea of a trip is the journey and these two ideas clashed when Scud vehemently refused to pee in the empty Diet Coke bottle I handed to him when he said he needed us to stop. After a short argument, we exited at the German Haus Restaurant. I’m now a believer in the journey as we had the best fresh, ground hamburger ever and were entertained by the owner Rolf who has owned the Haus since 1959. Scud was in his element speaking German with Rolf and gobbling down the chow.

Levis-Trow Mound trail

Levis-Trow Mound trail

After that amazing lunch we stopped to ride the Levis-Trow Mound trail in northwestern Wisconsin where this picture was snapped seconds prior to Scud crashing…

…and then on Thursday we headed to Minnesota’s Iron Belt to check out the trails at the Cuyhuna Lakes IMBA Ride Center near Crosby. Unfortunately, a huge storm system came through the area on Wednesday night and the trails were closed until Scud talked the land manager into letting us ride one section that was not damaged and we spent a wonderful afternoon primarily swimming in the crystal clear ice cold strip mine lakes before arriving in Jamestown late that evening.

Swimming in the crystal clear ice cold strip mine lakes

Swimming in the crystal clear ice cold strip mine lakes

On Friday, we hooked up with the race director and helped him set up transition and pre-rode the course. We also swam the course and I was well in front of Scud because he wasn’t swimming straight. Perhaps this would be the first XTERRA where I would finally beat the master!

Transition 1

Transition 1

Race day dawned bright and warm and, when the gun went off, I swam the 500 meters across the lake faster than I had ever swum before. Unfortunately for me, the race director had buoys placed about every ten meters across the reservoir – because Scud complained that the reservoir was crooked, causing him not to swim straight. There was this tap-tap-tap on my shoulder after the 50 meter run on the other side and, when I turned around, there was Scud with that s#it eating grin of his. So, I swam back even faster than I swam across and exited the water with Scud at my side. I took a short cut and ran the quarter mile up the hill to transition like a man possessed and, for the first time ever, beat Scud out of T1.

Scud quickly passed me on the bike and was so annoyed that I beat him out of T1 that he also did the run faster than me – another first – and then for 9 long minutes stood at the finish line loudly trash talking about me until I finished. I learned my second lesson – modesty – albeit several months later. The lesson struck home when I did a race in Western South Dakota, 500 miles away, in August and someone come up to me asking “where’s your trash talking friend?” So by the time September rolled around and I finally beat Scud at XTERRA Nationals, I stood silently at the finish line, waiting for the master. When he crossed, we cried and hugged and he passed the torch declaring “it’s about time and I can now retire from XTERRA.” True to his word, Scud hasn’t competed in an XTERRA since.

After the XTERRA in North Dakota, Scud got us invited a cookout at the race director’s home where I got to meet XTERRA Pro Will Kelsey and his girlfriend Jennifer – who is an Aggie like me. I have no idea how late we stayed, but remember a lot of beer being involved.

The next day was the 30 mile poker relay ride over the prairie with dual hangovers and I happened to win best hand because Scud dropped a card and then I found the card lying on the course that gave me a straight flush and won a pair of $200 sunglasses!

By this time, Scud knows everyone in North Dakota and he convinces me to meet his new friend, Marc Olsen, only an hour out of our way back to St. Cloud, Minnesota where we were staying the night. I learned that an hour in North Dakota is 100 miles but, by this time, it’s all about the journey. Marc owns a 4,000 acre farm and the next thing you know Scud and I are in this house-sized tractor which Scud is driving around the farm as if he owns the place, scaring little children, animals, and me!

Scud Deere

Scud Deere

Monday found us riding one of my favorite trails at the Southern unit of Kettle-Moraine Forest in WI and then back to Vernon Hills, IL. Tuesday we headed over to Portage, IN to ride the Dark Side of Imagination Glen in the morning and on the way back to Vernon Hills that afternoon we stopped and rode the granddaddy of Chicago trails at Palos Heights for our 11th ride in 10 days.

Dark Side

Dark Side

By Wednesday morning when I dropped Scud off at Mitchell Field in Milwaukee we were already trying to figure out how we could talk our wives into letting us do this again.

I can’t wait Master Scud—because, as you taught me well, it’s all about the journey!

Respectfully submitted,

Master Scud

Master Scud

Classic Scud

Submitted by Wesley Smith

This is classic Scud.

It was a cool fall evening and we were on a night ride in Accotink. On a descent near the marshy area Scud lost control, crashed and landed off the trail on some baby head rocks. He was lying there moaning and trying to assess the damage. I noticed a small sign on the tree above him. I wiped off the dew and read the sign aloud, “Caution! Stay on trail-Copperhead den.” Scud made a miraculous recovery!

Stay strong and make another miraculous recovery!

Running Partner

Submitted by Howard Olsen

When Scott lived in Montclair we lived 10 minutes apart. I would be working away in my basement office and my cell phone would ring. On the screen, “Scud”. I’d answer and from the other end I would hear, “Well hello young man, what are you doing in an hour?” I’d say something smart assed like “working, I’m not retired like some people!” That would hold no water with him. Most of the time he would guilt me into getting off my ass and meeting him for a run or ride.

Around this time of year back in 2009 I videotaped a couple of minutes of a trail run we did in Prince William Forest Park on the North Valley trail (below). It’s bouncy and boring, but I’m glad this young man managed to get off his ass that day. And since the National Parks just reopened, I think I will go for a run on that same trail right now.

Looking Back

Submitted by Jason Ashmore

I realized recently that I’ve been mountain biking for 10 years and it’s become a huge part of who I am.

In looking back, I realize Scud has been a constant positive force in my life since the day I started riding. He has been there as part of so many of my favorite cycling memories. Douthat camping trips, Catherine Furnace Rides, The Tour Of Hope, SM100, Alpine Gran Fondo, our Fruita trip  (below) and many many more.

Martin, Phil, Jason and Scott in Moab.

Martin, Phil, Jason and Scott in Moab.

I still remember the day Scud reached out called me to recruit me as the MORE ride coordinator. I’ve been involved with MORE volunteering behind the scenes ever since.

Scud has always been the type of guy that brings out the best in each of us. I can’t think of a more positive or generous human being than Scud. You simply will not find any individual who has done 1/2 as much for mountain bikers in our area…

Always greeting you with a smile and a handshake; or even a hug when you needed it. His kind words and hot Scudfries helped many a weary rider through a tough day on and even off the bike.

Road trip

Submitted by Martin Fernandez:

Can’t tell you how many times I have been sitting in a car, or plane, or train for an extended period of time with uncle Scott; Every trip we’ve been on has been an adventure. We’ve always managed to have a good time, most of the time 😉

Still, it’s the little moments that always stand out, and we often don’t get a chance to document them. Luckily, this time I did, and as I was looking for images for the slideshow on this page I found this little gem; One of hundreds of the little things Scott does when we’re hanging out together that would otherwise go unnoticed…