So many ways to support Scud!

First off sorry we haven’t had a update in the past couple weeks. I did go through a couple days ago and update our team Scud page. You guys continue to show a tremendous amount of support. To date the fund is closing in on 75k raised! I’ll be posting up a more detailed thanks etc soon.

In the meantime I wanted to point out that I continue to be impressed at the creative ways you guys are supporting ScudFries. Today my buddy John posted up a MORE jersey on the MORE site, free to anyone who donated to ScudFries. That jersey disappeared quickly! I find it amazing and inspiring that so many are finding their own way to support Scud and Scudfries. People giving away jerseys, organizing rides, selling wrist bands.. The list goes on and on. The most amazing thing is you guys keep delivering!

Thanks to each and everyone of you who continue to give and support Scott!

Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

Lots of progress since I last posted. I am eating “real” food. I am in a power wheelchair that I control with my mouth. And I no longer have a neck collar. I have had lots of visitors and I get to see my brother and my grandkids this weekend. I am still overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from all my family and friends. Thank you for all the cards that I have received since I have been here at Kessler. I remain upbeat and positive and will continue to fight the good fight. Scud
PS: Scuds Army Rocks !!!!!!
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A Huge Thank You to my Family and Friends

I would like to first tell you how I am overwhelmed with the support and generosity of everyone. The journey has clearly started. I seem to make incremental steps in my recovery. I am eating three meals a day and I am breathing room air. Sleep is still a little bit of a problem, but it gets better every day. My speech is also improving.

The staff and therapists at Kessler are fantastic. I have dedicated physical, occupational, and speech therapists and I see them five days a week. I’m also demoing a state of the art power chair that allows me to drive with my mouth.

St. Margaret has been my rock! She is with me every day and I clearly could not take this journey without her.

Again, thank you everyone and I’ll do these updates more frequently.


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Scud Visit Report: From Lynn Grasso

I was in NJ for a family event and was able to visit Scud the next day, this past Friday, at Kessler West, his new rehab center. It was an amazing day! As Scud said, his “best day yet.” He was able to sleep really well the night before for the first time since being transferred, and so was full of Scud energy—watch out! I got there after his 2-hour physical therapy session, where, as he told me, they put him on the “Frankenstein Table”. This is a table he is strapped to so that he can be fully vertical, stretched out, allowing his body to be in a more natural position, and to strengthen his tolerance. As they told us, they were amazed that he could tolerate such a long time in this position—that no one can on the first day! Of course, I was not surprised!

We chatted for a bit, with Margaret and Scud’s sister Lori, from Niagara Falls. Lori and I got the downlow from the director of therapy, who told us that he’d already heard about and read Scud’s case (of course!), and will be alerting his staff about Scud’s eagerness to get things rolling.

Scud’s treatment plan will be: first, to get as much of his voice back as possible. He will then get a custom power wheelchair which, through voice activation hopefully, he will be able to move himself around, weightshift/recline (which he has to do every 20 minutes to keep his skin integrity), and –the BIG GOAL—go OUTSIDE! Before the power chair can happen, they will work to advance him from his large and cumbersome ventilator system (requires a wall plug), to a more mobile unit that can go in a large backpack on the back of his chair. Then, he’s FREE! Watch out! Another goal is for voice activation to use the Ipad (his personal goal), and to navigate Facebook. He told his therapist, “I’m a Facebook junkie!”

When his trach is adjusted a certain way, he is able to talk! When I heard his voice for the first time, I got weepy! Which was not the first time all day…..both for his talking, and for me getting weepy ☺

His speech therapy session was great. She had him practicing swallowing exercises and voice practice. The swallowing practice is hugely important, since another big goal is to be eating food—as early as next week!

Then we broke out his beloved IPad, and set up a few Pandora stations (Elton John, Billy Joel, Train, Cold Play). Hopefully someday soon, he will be accessing the IPad by himself.

The final, and most wonderful session, was occupational therapy, because I got to see the HUGE gym. Right where he belongs! The rehab center has an adorable yellow lab who hangs out in the therapy gym, and gets brushed and coddled by the many patients. His occupational therapist talked a lot with Scud about his goals, and how the progression must be slow at first to ensure safety with his breathing, heart function, and ability to tolerate being upright without getting orthostatic. Another OT came over to discuss his requests for a more accessible switch unit he can push with his head to call the nurse (Scud currently has ½” range of motion in his neck/head). His OT suggested that he also have a goal of updating his site BY HIMSELF. He LOVED that idea, and his face lit up, Scud-style.

Also during his OT session, I met his physical therapist, the one who put him on the Frankenstein Table. She has been there for 26 years, is a marathon runner, and used to be the manager of all the therapists at Kessler. She’s super funny, and talked with us for a long time. While we were all talking, Scud said, “If I have any capability to move something, or do something, I’M GONNA DO IT!” He said that a couple times. Shortly after that, Scud introduced me to a young therapist, who he said just started mountain biking. He asked her what kind of bike she had. She said, “A Jensen (she meant Jamis),” to which he replied, “Well, that’s ok”. He told her he has a carbon Niner ☺

The most moving and inspirational moment came during the end of the session, when we were telling them about the army of people down here, and that there has been a lot of fundraising for Scud and his family. He explained that is now a foundation. Scud said, “We’re not sure what the money will be used for yet (for his recovery), but if there is any left over, I’m going to use it to help other people.” Both the OT’s and my eyes filled with tears, as you can imagine…

It was VERY hard to say goodbye to him, after such a full day. It was also hard to say goodbye to Margaret, the strongest woman I know. Margaret is strong, strong, strong. She reads and/or shows him all of the videos that are sent to his phone. She is staying 3 miles away and stays with Scud all day.

I strongly suggest you visit Scud! If you have any worries or stresses, or are frustrated with your training, or your performance in a race, spend a few hours with Scud, and your life will be put back into perspective. Your priorities will be reset. I know this man whom we all adore will be continuing to surprise us, beyond our greatest expectations, with all that he is able to accomplish,

just as he always has.

Lynn Grasso

Scudfries 2.0: Updated & Ready For The Long Haul

As you can see, we have been busy around here at Mutual Scud pal and long-time personal friend Martin helped to give us a new look, and we are hard at work overhauling the site to make sure that it can continue to serve as the portal for all things related to Scud’s recovery. One new feature here is a chance to share your favorite Scud story. Also, don’t forget about our awesome Flickr pool. And, as many of you have already been doing, please make use of our comments system. Scud has always been a community builder; let’s show him how great he was at it! Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 1.12.26 PM

I just finished a massive update to our amazing donors list, which can now be found under the “Team” link in our redesign. As I have been saying since day one, this community is AMAZING! This list is incredible, and Scud and family have taken notice! They are comforted not just by the financial impact of what we are doing here but also by the way the community has come together to rally behind them.

Thanks to your generous contributions, we have raised about $65k for “Uncle” Scud and family. You all should be incredibly proud of what we have done here. That said, I want to take a moment and hammer home that this effort really is a long-term deal. I’ve joked a few times that this is going to be a whole lot more SM100 than W@W. Well, Scud and his family are in this for the long haul, facing a long and challenging recovery, and the Scud army (as we’re being called) is going to be a huge part of this effort. Our ongoing support is going to make a real difference.

So, does this mean we’re going to keep hitting you up to donate as you can and spread the word? You bet! But beyond that, there are going to be opportunities for all of us to step up, volunteer our time, or just otherwise show our support. This website will be your one-stop shop for finding ways to help our pal Scud. So to all my fellow members of Scud’s army, I say, stay tuned for your future assignments! We have work to do and a long march ahead of us. (But you can bet there’ll be Scudfries waiting at the end!)

Scud’s Send Off

Greetings everyone! Martin here. Earlier today I had the chance to join nearly 50 of Scott’s friends and family in the helipad at the University of Virginia (UVA) Hospital to see (uncle – that’s what I call him BTW) Scott as he left UVA on his way to Kessler Rehabiliation Center in NJ to begin his rehabilitation.

While we all gathered outside the folks of Angel Medflight prepped Scott for the short hop to NJ and around 11 they brought him out to see all his friends gathered in a staging area set up by the hospital. From there he was transferred by a special ambulance to the Charlottesville airport and then flown by Jet to NJ for transfer to Kessler.

Margaret and his sister Robin went with him and are with him now making sure everything meets Scott’s approval.

When he was brought out he asked to be taken close to his friends. The sight of seeing Scott smile drew out chants of “SCUD, SCUD, SCUD…” from all those gathered. That made him smile even more…

Scud's View

Scud’s View

I continue to be amazed (but NEVER surprised) by the level of support Uncle Scott is getting. The love and support you are all showing is phenomenal and is providing fuel for the man we love so much. Keep it coming!!

A Message From Jen Rodriguez – Proud Oldest daughter of Scott

Hello All,

Let me introduce myself. I am Jen Rodriguez. Proud Oldest daughter of Scott.
There was a time in my life not too long ago that I truly didn’t understand my dad. I felt that I knew and loved him, his schedule and his passions, but I truly didn’t understand his drive to do so much and fit so many things into his life. Somehow (in my eyes) the more people he fit into his schedule and routine meant less of a connection that he could possibly have had with each. Right? How can you have enough time to really connect on a certain level with so many different people in different walks of life on such a demanding and short time schedule? I would laugh. I would be irritated. I would be frustrated and at times I would be envious. Now, I know I was wrong. After the accident, I am proud. I can’t believe what has happened over the last two weeks. Sure, some would say our family is still in shock. But really I feel as though I am in awe. I know now why my dad stretched himself the way he did. Why he refused to slow down and take it easy. I understand that he only truly was happy when he surrounded himself with amazing, intelligent and inspiring people that pushed him to be the best that he could be.

I have always felt as though my dad is truly special. Now I know how special all of his friends were too!!!
After seeing what you ALL have done over the last 2 weeks with the website, fund raising, the support visits, endless positive energy and prayers and most importantly the recent actions of “The SCUD army” of researchers…I now can truly understand my father. Understanding who and what he stands for has come at a high price. I’m still struggling with that, but not alone.
I am overwhelmed by the amount of energy, time and respect you all have shown my dad and this family. You ALL are amazing individuals and we are so blessed that my dad chose to live his life surrounding himself with people like you.

Things may never be the same for my dad, they may never may be the same for our whole family or yours. But I do know that my dad is blessed to have you all in his corner, fighting for him when he can’t yet for himself. I truly believe he will get there. He will go to a rehab center based on the dedication of all of you who demand the best for him. He will once again surround himself with special individuals who will help achieve his personal goals and he will once again be able to enjoy life to the fullest. He has always taught us many lessons through his actions and lifestyle. I understand now that no matter what has changed for him physically, he will continue to teach us, inspire us, and awe us with his greatness. I understand that as I gaze into his hopeful and sparkling eyes. As I touch his skin that still has warmth and as I listen to his respirator do his breathing that I feel hopeful he will do again on his own someday.

Thank you from the bottom, the middle, and the top of my heart, for all you have put forth to help locate, call, research, interview different Rehabs. I can’t fully explain in words how much it means to me and my family. We can only tell you thank you and express that we all feel like Dad has brought us closer to understanding the gift in life. The gift of friendship and love.

Thank you Kevin, Jason, Leslie, Adam, Christina, my dear love of my life Carl my mom and sister and Scudamore Family. ALL OF YOU who have spent your precious time putting forward my dad’s needs before all else….THANK YOU.
I continue to pray for him and all of you that we gain peace through this tough time. Nobody will ever understand the “why’s” of life’s terrible tragedies…but we can start a new journey together with my dad and create our own answers to the questions that are to come. Things happen for reasons we can’t simply wrap our brains around…but our spirits are forever connected now. That’s a really amazing thing.
God Bless and thank you so much for all your hard work, donations, prayers and dedication.

Love, jen

Want to ride with Scud? Buy the new scudfries fundraiser jersey!

One of the things I have been so amazed and thankful for while working on is the number of people looking for ways to help.  I’ve received so many encouraging e-mails and offers of assistance that it’s really incredible and rewarding beyond words.

One such offer came from Gordon, who works for Starlight Custom Apparel. Gordon is a teammate of Scud’s who races for Blue Ridge Cyclery. Like so many of us, Gordon  counts Scud as a close friend. Gordon was looking for a way to help and offered to design and sell a custom jersey to support the effort.

Now here is the even greater part – this custom jersey is being sold as a fundraiser! Gordon has arranged for $25 of every jersey purchased to come right back here as a donation to Scud’s recovery fund. These jerseys are only $60 plus shipping, and we think you’ll agree that they kick serious ass. I ordered two this morning as soon as Gordon sent me the link (barely beating Kevin to the punch).

SCUD front SCUD back

Many of you have been asking for shirts and/or a jersey to show support, so Kevin and I wasted no time jumping at the chance to work with Gordon on this.  Starlight is selling these on their website for us and they can be purchased here. Our sincere thanks go out to Gordon and Starlight for helping us with this project and helping to support Scud! Let’s ride with Scud!

So close…

We are literally $50 shy of the big $60,000 mark for the scudfries fund! Let’s put this one over the top and reach for an even bigger stretch goal. I’ve been hearing murmurs and challenges to push it to 75k… I bet we can do it! After all, scudfries is more SM100 than Wednesdays at Wakefield. We’re in this for the long haul to do all we can to help “Uncle” Scud recover!

Along those lines, plans are underway to deliver the funds raised to date to Scott and his family ASAP so that your dollars can start doing some immediate good. (I thought you guys would want to know, my buddy Kevin is working on that behind the scenes now)

In other news, look for some updates to appear here on this main page soon. My pal Martin is going to help me out, and we are hoping to turn this page into a one-stop location for all the latest news and info on our buddy Scud’s recovery. Stay tuned!

I’ve been really busting with the day job and school these past two weeks, but I’ll get an updated thank you list out soon. In the meantime, THANK YOU!


$50,000 Raised So Far For Scud!

When I began working with Kevin Adams on last week, I had modest expectations. Feeling helpless as someone I cared about was in the hospital starting one hell of a fight, I needed some way to help. This site is the result of that initial desire to do something–anything–to help out a friend in need. Well, judging by the numbers, there are an awful lot of you who must have felt the same–wanting to help and looking for a way to do it. I continue to be truly amazed and touched by the overwhelming support and generosity the community has shown to Scud. I am honored to be a part of what we are doing here. As of noon today, we have raised more than $50,000 for Scud! This has surpassed even my wildest expectations–and it’s not over yet!

Let’s keep this thing going, I’m setting our next stretch goal for $60,000. As part of this push, I want to announce we have had another generous donor step forward with another matching offer. An additional $3000 match has now been pledged, so please spread the word and help us make the most of this latest match. This is another chance for donors to double the impact of every dollar you donate for the next $3000.00. This will place us very close to, if not over, our new stretch goal.

My thanks to each and every one of you who have helped to become not just a reality but an overwhelming success. Kevin and I are already beginning to work out the details of getting the first portion of the funds raised to Scud and his family.

The reality is that we can’t fight this battle for Scud, but what we can do is cheer him on and help with the small stuff so he can focus 100% on his recovery. That’s what Scudfries is all about. For those who ever got to enjoy this site’s namesake after a long tough day of riding, you get it.

Let’s keep it up, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the CaringBridge site for the latest updates on Scud’s recovery progress!

-Jason A-