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Sometimes, I wake up thinking I have been in a three month long dream. Sept changed our lives forever but I still find myself thinking and even saying out loud, “I just can’t believe it”. Those are usually the times when I am in Northern Va attempting to do my normal working mommy routine. Bus stop, errands, work,bus stop, dinner, arrival of daddy, homework, paperwork, war of the showers/bath time, reading and then bed. That’s on the off season of soccer and gymnastics and other after school activities. I love every second of it and know deep in my heart it is what I was made to do. September has changed it all and now I know I was meant for more as well. Bring it on LIFE!!! My Father has done it all plus some. He has been married to Saint Margaret for 41 years, raised his girls with good values, proper amount of work ethic and of course a multitude of FUN time to cap it off. Many of you know him through my childhood, our family, mountain biking, community projects, soccer,softball, biking foundations and racing teams. Some may know him through camping trips, his SCUD fries talent, night rides at Wakefield, beers afterwards. Charlottseville has brought many of you to know him as the one who talks to everybody. That would include LM neighborhood parties, boat rides on the lake, church, rescue squad, swift water rescue, the local Bike shop and many others that I’m not even familiar with. His Facebook addiction alone puts many of you on his life map too! You are all well aware of what kind of guy he is and continues to want to be despite this accident. Someone who is the perfect amount of a “BIG KID”, caring human being, active and generous. He puts his family first and then all of his “good friends”. BTW…that is pretty much everyone. He truly loves all of you and misses seeing everyone’s smiling faces and hugs!

His time at Kessler has had it’s bumpy roads but over all I think he is doing fantastic!!! He looks stronger and more handsome every time I visit. He is learning how to balance the coping skills he needs to live a happy rest of his life at home with the will power , hope and faith that he will grow stronger and regain important functions that will allow him to live an active life. One where he can still participate in the events and activities that he has always had passions for. He is aware it will be a different role for him…but he doesn’t care. He is alive and fighting to stay healthy. He is optimistic that he was placed on this path for a reason. He will never give up and he will never quit being who he is.
When I first read this quote about Life’s Paths, I was struck silent. I couldn’t believe how much it sums up what dad is going through and who dad is, and always has been. I have always known that no matter what, he was a determined man to live the life that he loved. What I hadn’t learned until recently, is just how powerful his heart and soul truly is.

By: Jonathan Lockwood Huie

You can live the life you love-even in the face of the most challenging circumstances. While sometimes it may appear that life throws more obstacles in your path than you can handle, you can always choose to be HAPPY.
YES! You are that powerful.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Dad is very grateful for being at Kessler. He is grateful for making it off that mountain because of his friends and he is most grateful to still be able to live his life of happiness. You may have noticed that he has posted some silly pictures of himself and our family. He is determined that when you see him, you will be happy for him that he lived and not sad for his predicament. He covers his trach not because he is ashamed or embarrassed but because he wants to shelter his friends and family from the harsh reality of his new path in life.
I’m so proud of my dad on so many levels. It is almost impossible to describe what it is like to spend time with him. He works hard at his therapies, demands the best from the aides, loves his nurses and invites everyone into his room to see all his family pictures and banners that you all have sent to him. He is proud of the life he led with all of you and moved by everyone’s prayers and generosity.

My family and I look forward to seeing him on Christmas day where we will fully intend on dressing up in silly hats, eat pudding, ice cream and sherbet and make new Holiday memories. Currently he is spending some very special time with my sister, Krista. She is in the NAVY and will be deployed out the day after Christmas. I do believe that the four of us are closer than ever and are learning how to bond with each other despite living so far away from one another. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers too as she embarks on a deployment that could keep her away from seeing dad for a long time. They are living it up, laughing and working hard before she leaves so that she can hold dear to heart the times spent with dad this week while she is away.

As Christmas slowly creeps closer we are reminded of the true spirit within all of us. Love has taken over the shadow of sadness that tried to keep us down. In spite of hardships and dark times, we hope and pray for you and your families as well. Thank you all so much for everything you have done to show dad your friendship and love. Thank you for the visits, the cards, the gifts, the encouraging messages and your prayers. May God bring you good health and happiness this Holiday season and always.

Merry Christmas!
~Jen “Scudamore” Rodriguez

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6 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness!

  1. Scott is amazing and an inspiration to us all. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the posts and the pictures from everyone. Wishing you and the whole Scudamore family the very merriest Christmas and a happy New Year! Can’t wait for the Christmas pics to be posted!!

  2. I’ve learned so much from Scott over the years, and even now he continues to teach each and everyone of us new lessons. Being with him on the mountain that day, seeing how he was seconds after it happened, and thinking how dire and bleak things looked like bring a chill to my spine – I was so scared and distraught (I hid it well…)

    But now, seeing how he is facing his recovery is an inspiration. He’s taught me one of life’s most powerful lessons – never take anything for granted because things can change in an instant, and, if they do change, it’s how you choose to face that adversity that matters. Scott is doing it with tremendous courage and determination and an inner strength that very few of us have.

    I am so proud and privileged to be in this man’s circle of friends. I’m certain that all the vibes and energy coming his way are fueling an inner and higher power to make him get better; I continue to pray and hope to see him recover more and more everyday and know that now he’s simply racing a different “xterra.” One I have no doubt he will win with flying colors, and along the way, he’ll be egging us all to try and keep up.

    Feliz Navidad Amigo!!

  3. Jen, I have tears rolling down my face especially after the news we got yesterday. Looking forward to seeing you, your Dad and everybody on Christmas Day.

  4. Jen, what an amazing message you’ve shared with us. Although I am just catching up to the recent events with your dad, your writings express how much he meant to so many. You were one of his greatest blessings. Thank you for bringing to life your dad’s legacy in life. I know he was extremely proud of his girls. You have touched my heart with your words. I will look at life differently through your eloquent writings, as they tell the story of an incredible man who lived an incredible life. If I can be as strong and positive as you and your dad, I won’t waste a moment feeling sorry for my hardships, but rather grateful and hopeful for any path that life takes me. AMAZING! Thank you!

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