Dear Dad,

I can’t believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it is Dec 1st. I’m up late tonight, not able to sleep. I’m thinking of you and Mom and I am overwhelmed with such amazing memories of Thanksgiving and a warm heart because of it.
I loved seeing the pictures today of the Christmas Tree that we sent with Carlos and Margaret. Marie and I carefully handpicked those ornaments from past Christmas’s that I know we all hold dear to our hearts. We wanted you to be able to look over and see your own home ornaments and Christmas decor.

This past week has been such a crazy one. As I reflect on all the highs and lows, I can’t help but feel this intense GRATITUDE towards you. We couldn’t go to visit you at Kessler, and that was very disappointing. It didn’t stop me from remembering what Thanksgiving was all about. You weren’t feeling well, we weren’t feeling well, the weather was crazy cold and traffic to Jersey was insane!!!! Instead of being in the dumps, you post pics of how you make the best of a Holiday that most people in your situation would deem not worth celebrating. Your core positive outlook on life never seems to let me down and continues to inspire me every second of the day. You have always been that positive light in my life and nothing has changed. Well, maybe a few things. Because of how you chose to live and explore every new adventure there is to be found…Carl and I (and I’m sure many others) have been effected by your positive light. We have met some incredible people with amazingly huge hearts and even bigger intentions of generosity. Your SCUD ARMY was at it again, led this time by Anne Mader, Christina, Julie, Lynn and many others that I don’t even know about. They not only provided you with a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner spread (which I heard you ate a lot of) but they also showed up early Thanksgiving Day on my doorstep with an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, drinks and desserts! These are all people that Carl and I grateful for because of you. Thank you SCUD’S ARMY! God Bless!

Without you in my life I would be heart broken. I’m so blessed to still have you in my life. You still teach me so much. Even in your toughest hours, you are changing my life. I feel like in the last three months I have learned so much, felt so much and grown so much. My dearest friends have come forward to help us here, your friends are hard working behind the scenes to prepare the perfect house upon your return. I feel a sense of rebirth with some of our family relationships and I am so grateful for that. You are a loved man and I am proud that you are my father.

I have Gratitude for many things. You are one of them!!! Keep fighting to move those thumbs. Keep trying to find the right wheelchair. Keep eating those meals with (5) YES!!! I said FIVE swallows. Don’t forget to be easy on mom when she follows the rules. Your the rebel in the family~She’s the Saint. Remember that. Keep your winning attitude no matter how many steps forward or back that you take. Trust your Doctors, Trust your wife, Trust God.

I love you Dad with all of my heart. Thank you for being you and moving forward no matter how difficult it may be.
The kids and Carl and I miss you very much and soon the day will come where none of us will have the sniffles, Strep throat, watery eyes,mono,the flu or hives. I promise.

Love you, Hugs and kisses!!!!

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  1. Dear Jen…your heartfelt writings bring tears to my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. Thank you for those updates that you have given us, even when the news was not so good.

    About your Dad…I met him 1997 and knew immediately he was something special and 1 of a kind. There are not many people in this world that have the genuine sincerity of your Dad. He is a guy that will never take NO for an answer from anyone The moment you meet him you have to this guy for real?? That is because of his huge infectious smile, positive attitude and genuine love for people and mankind. Now how many people do you know like that? I only know 1 guy like that …Scott Scudamore! I feel priviliged to be counted as 1 of his many worldwide friends. YES worldwide…your Dad has made this world a much smaller place because of his desire to reach out and embrace strangers who become instant friends.

    He truly does have an army of people internationally praying for him and thinking of him. There is no lack of prayers to Almighty God for your Daddy. GOD’s purpose has not been revealed yet, but in time he will show your Dad and you the purpose of all of this. That fateful day in September when your Dad took that last run down that bike path was truly the beginning of a completely new bike path and direction in a spit second, your Dad’s life and journey changed all for some yet unknown reason.

    You are an amazing women Jen, you are a testimony to your Mom and Dad’s love, inspiration, fortitude and love. You have the best of both parents in you. You and your sister have been their biggest blessing and source of joy …. you are the most amazing daughter and woman.

    I would love to have had daughter just like you. You have much of your father inside you. You also inspire an bring out the good in all the people you meet along the road in life. Don’t ever change.

    Love, Nancy Pasquale xoxo

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