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Scott’s struggle to overcome the injuries he sustained on September 22, 2013 worsened in late December as he battled infection, some bouts with delirium, and ultimately pneumonia. As a result, Scott succumbed to his injuries early on the morning of December the 28th. A beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend, compatriot, leader, and inspiration has left us here on earth and is now among the other angels in Heaven.


Scott “Scud” Scudamore is a legend in the world of mountain biking, XTERRA racing, skiing, and all things active. Scud and his wife Margaret have traveled the world in pursuit of new trails to ride, new friends to meet, and old friends to see again. When Scud shows up at your doorstep, you always know that your next couple of days are going to be an adventure.

On Sunday, September 22, 2013 Scud went to Bryce Mountain ski resort in Basye, VA with his wife Margaret, his son in law Carl, his granddaughter, and his Friend Martin Fernandez and his daughter. They all went for the day to mountain bike at Bryce’s downhill bike park and met other friends there by chance, including Tom O’Sullivan;  Scud, after all, is known and loved by many in the cycling community.

His main objective was to ride with his granddaughter who is also an avid mountain biker.

With two recent concussions, Scud knew as well as most of us, he needed to take it easy the next month or two. It was a beautiful day and he was excited to be with his family in a beautiful place doing something he loved to be doing – mountain biking! He was also excited about his full week ahead including working with his friend Kate on the Lake Monticello road triathlon. Not only was he excited about helping with the triathlon but he had every day packed the entire rest of the week with other similar tasks of fun for him. It’s true, Scud’s “retired” schedule kept himself busier than most working folks!

On one of the descents at approximately 3:30pm Scud decided to take a fun risk and ride one of the downhill jumps at the bottom of the mountain. Something went very wrong and he crashed.

Tom and Martin were immediately with him and called EMT personnel to assist him. “Luckily” the crash occurred at the base of the mountain and Scott received immediate attention. He was unresponsive and a rescue team and ambulance were called and arrived very quickly. The emergency personnel did not hesitate and decided that it was necessary for Scott to be airlifted to the nearest trauma center. From Bryce, he was flown to UVA’s hospital where he stayed overnight and  remained for three weeks. After the accident and through much of the first night Scud was unresponsive. By 5:00am he was blinking his eyes to answer questions and as of that early afternoon he showed he had movement of his head but no sensations below his neck.

It was determined that the cervical vertebra #1 (C1) and #2 (C2) was fractured and his spinal cord was not severed, however, there has been major trauma which resulted in swelling in this neck area.

On October 16th Scott was transferred to Kessler Rehabiliation Center in NJ to begin his recovery and rehabilitation and has remained there since. He’s shown some progress and can now communicate, but can still not breath on his own nor move below his neck. As Scott would let all of us know everyday is a challenge, but one he is facing with immense courage and dignity.

Scud is a lifetime member of MORE, and MORE has established a fund to assist his family in this critical time. If you would like to help, we would be most appreciative. Click the Donate button below to make your donation to the fund established to aid Scud’s recovery effort. All monies collected by MORE for this fund will be delivered directly to Scud and his family.

Please continue to keep Scott in your prayers and thoughts and please post messages, share your stories, or simply send him a shout on his Facebook page; Your positive vibes, encouragement and support play an incredibly important role in his recovery. Just think to yourself: “What would Scud do?”

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  1. Please make sure they note that the ‘donate” button on the caring bridge site does NOT help support Scott… it is a donation towards the upkeep of the Caring Bridge Site, which is good too, but for those who want to donate to SCOTT, please makes sure someone notes that on the caring bridge so there aren’t mistaken donations to the wrong place!

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