Riding With Scud At The 2013 Moco Epic™

The always awesome Jim Bole put together the following video to show how many of us were riding the Moco Epic™ with our pal Scud. Notice the smiles on everyones faces when they talk about Scud, that’s just the kinda guy he is. Even a couple hundred miles away he can still make people smile and have fun on our bikes.

On a personal note, Martin and I were all set to ride this with Scud this year as a group. As Martin and this video reminded me we actually did very much ride with Scud that day. WE ride with Scud!

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2 thoughts on “Riding With Scud At The 2013 Moco Epic™

  1. I just saw this!!! Not sure how I’m missing the FB posts–but now I’m crying over my coffee. That was a great and beautiful day, and obviously everyone knows and loves you. But it just wasn’t the same without you. I love you and miss you—as always, give Margaret a big big kiss and hug from me! xoxo

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