Dear Dad,

I can’t believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it is Dec 1st. I’m up late tonight, not able to sleep. I’m thinking of you and Mom and I am overwhelmed with such amazing memories of Thanksgiving and a warm heart because of it.
I loved seeing the pictures today of the Christmas Tree that we sent with Carlos and Margaret. Marie and I carefully handpicked those ornaments from past Christmas’s that I know we all hold dear to our hearts. We wanted you to be able to look over and see your own home ornaments and Christmas decor.

This past week has been such a crazy one. As I reflect on all the highs and lows, I can’t help but feel this intense GRATITUDE towards you. We couldn’t go to visit you at Kessler, and that was very disappointing. It didn’t stop me from remembering what Thanksgiving was all about. You weren’t feeling well, we weren’t feeling well, the weather was crazy cold and traffic to Jersey was insane!!!! Instead of being in the dumps, you post pics of how you make the best of a Holiday that most people in your situation would deem not worth celebrating. Your core positive outlook on life never seems to let me down and continues to inspire me every second of the day. You have always been that positive light in my life and nothing has changed. Well, maybe a few things. Because of how you chose to live and explore every new adventure there is to be found…Carl and I (and I’m sure many others) have been effected by your positive light. We have met some incredible people with amazingly huge hearts and even bigger intentions of generosity. Your SCUD ARMY was at it again, led this time by Anne Mader, Christina, Julie, Lynn and many others that I don’t even know about. They not only provided you with a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner spread (which I heard you ate a lot of) but they also showed up early Thanksgiving Day on my doorstep with an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, drinks and desserts! These are all people that Carl and I grateful for because of you. Thank you SCUD’S ARMY! God Bless!

Without you in my life I would be heart broken. I’m so blessed to still have you in my life. You still teach me so much. Even in your toughest hours, you are changing my life. I feel like in the last three months I have learned so much, felt so much and grown so much. My dearest friends have come forward to help us here, your friends are hard working behind the scenes to prepare the perfect house upon your return. I feel a sense of rebirth with some of our family relationships and I am so grateful for that. You are a loved man and I am proud that you are my father.

I have Gratitude for many things. You are one of them!!! Keep fighting to move those thumbs. Keep trying to find the right wheelchair. Keep eating those meals with (5) YES!!! I said FIVE swallows. Don’t forget to be easy on mom when she follows the rules. Your the rebel in the family~She’s the Saint. Remember that. Keep your winning attitude no matter how many steps forward or back that you take. Trust your Doctors, Trust your wife, Trust God.

I love you Dad with all of my heart. Thank you for being you and moving forward no matter how difficult it may be.
The kids and Carl and I miss you very much and soon the day will come where none of us will have the sniffles, Strep throat, watery eyes,mono,the flu or hives. I promise.

Love you, Hugs and kisses!!!!

Something to be Thankful for..

It spite of all that has happened,I have much to be thankful for: I have amazing friends and family,amazing and caring wife,fantastic medical staff and therapists at Kessler. About an hour ago, I moved my right thumb witnessed by two people. Thank you for all your card,donations and prayers. It is much appreciated. Scud

The Solitude of Cold

When I woke up today (after working all night) at around noon. I thought, “Man, its cold outside!” I’m sitting here thinking that I was too tired and didn’t wanna go out and ride. I then think that Scud probably would call me about now and he’d talk me into going out for a ride. So I load the bike up and head for Pleasant Grove. When I get there I put on my winter shoes, helmet, and gloves and look at the temperature. Its about 30 degrees out. Its not that cold, in fact I’ve ridden in much colder.

We knew that it was going to snow and were looking forward to it.

We knew that it was going to snow and were looking forward to it.

My thoughts begin to go to a very cold day in January. Scud and I decided to go for a ride on Jan. 25 of this year at Pleasant Grove. We knew that it was going to snow and were looking forward to it. That day at ride time, i believe it was around 20 degrees out. I remember eating lunch with Heather and the kids prior to the ride and her telling me I was nuts for going out to ride. (I remember, Margaret saying the same thing to Scud). We ignored them anyway. I don’t remember the exact route that day but I remember it being one of the most memorable rides of the year. When you say to most people that you’re going to ride your bike in 20 degree weather when its snowing, most people give you a strange look. Its hard to motivate yourself in those conditons much less have someone out there, as crazy as you, out there with you. It is a memory and a ride with a very good friend that I will carry with me forever. To add to the craziness, we even went for a run afterwards.

While riding today, I kept thinking about that day, I thought about the cold today and the cold today, I thought about my friend and smiled. I even looked behind me a couple of times expecting to see Scud behind me and smiling. I began missing my friend, missing our conversations as we rode, sharing in the cold and knowing I was sharing that moment with someone and making what ever conditions were present more bearable. The more I rode today, the more I wanted to ride. I didn’t notice the cold after a bit.

Keep fighting, buddy! You are in my thoughts every day and on every single ride I go on. That day in Jan is one of the many fond memories I have of riding with you.


It’s Scott Scudamore Day At Niner Bikes!

If you know Scott you know he’s a big fan of 29ers and in particular Niner Bikes. Well apparently the Niner folks are big fans of Scott too! Check out the Niner Facebook Page today! I continue to be amazed at how many folks Scud touched as an ambassador to our community and this is further proof.

This makes me prouder than ever to ride a Niner bike myself, and I’ll continue to support them even more so to say thanks for supporting our pal Scud.

Thanks Niner! You guys rock welcome to team Scud!

So many ways to support Scud!

First off sorry we haven’t had a update in the past couple weeks. I did go through a couple days ago and update our team Scud page. You guys continue to show a tremendous amount of support. To date the fund is closing in on 75k raised! I’ll be posting up a more detailed thanks etc soon.

In the meantime I wanted to point out that I continue to be impressed at the creative ways you guys are supporting ScudFries. Today my buddy John posted up a MORE jersey on the MORE site, free to anyone who donated to ScudFries. That jersey disappeared quickly! I find it amazing and inspiring that so many are finding their own way to support Scud and Scudfries. People giving away jerseys, organizing rides, selling wrist bands.. The list goes on and on. The most amazing thing is you guys keep delivering!

Thanks to each and everyone of you who continue to give and support Scott!

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves!!!

Hello! Dad!

The kids are off to school and I am enjoying looking outside the back window to falling leaves everywhere. I think of you all through the day especially as the Holidays come and I am reminded of how many special moments my heart holds created by you and mom in this very house.

There are moments of raking leaves and having to do chores outside to winterize the yard that come to mind. I wasn’t fond of those times then, but I am now. I get to reflect on the life we had here and how much we did growing up. You gave us such a beautiful life, and still do.

I am so blessed to have you as my father. You inspire me in ways that I can’t explain. I take comfort in the change of season, knowing that time doesn’t stand still, but constantly moves and grows in time. I patiently wait as Thanksgiving comes closer on the calendar so that we can be together again as a family. I can’t wait to see your smile, hold your hands, and give you bad haircuts!

The leaves at Kessler are so vibrant and beautiful and are beginning to fall. Change is in the air all around you and us and I can’t help but feel like all of this was meant to be. I hope you are taking some time for your self to go to the day room and really look outside at your beautiful view of Autumn. Take a moment to really ponder your life’s achievements, and feel the love and support from all around the world for this new journey you are on.

We are always with you in spirit, always missing you, and always loving you.

P.S. If it’s crappy weather there… I’m sorry! lol!

Just try to remember all the fun fall days here in Montclair that mom would scream at you to stop watching football, get off the couch and rake leaves! (After your 8am bike ride of course).

Love, jen

Travel Companion

I spent a little time with Jen this morning, she stopped by the house to drop something off and I got to show her some of the pictures I have in my archive of Scott and me in the various trips we’ve taken together over the years; So I figured I’d share some of the highlights of our adventures with you.

Over the years we’ve traveled all over the place – me much less than him – but I managed to either drag  him along on one or two of my trips or he has coerced me (hardly) into heading out on one of his. We’ve been out west and ridden in Colorado and Utah. We’ve headed south to ride epic single track in North Carolina. Most recently we headed north to Vermont to take Ari and Marie to the Little Bellas MTB Camp, and in between we’ve gone on a myriad of “couple of hour” long trips to ride around our region.

Since he moved to Monticello our outings became less frequent, but I still managed to head down there for one reason or another – to either goof around in the lake, build Saint Margaret a step in the front of the house, or to simply ride Walnut Creek.

The trips always revolved around cycling, but it just wasn’t all about that. In Colorado he managed to reconnect with some old friends and introduced me to some new ones. In North Carolina we spent some great times with Tony, Kevin and Christina; We fired of some rounds and ate some amazing pulled pork. In Vermont he dragged me into the Ben & Jerrys Factory (how could I resist) and yet again introduced me to a slew of new friends.

But arguably, the best and most memorable trip I ever went on with Scud was the voyage we took together, along with 9 other friends, to Peru. That trip meant quite a bit to me because after years of telling him about my homeland I finally got to show him first hand where I grew up.

We spent a little time in Lima, then 10 days riding in Cuzco, and another 4 just chilling back in Lima with my family. We literally spent every waking moment together for 15 days and had a blast. We biked and then biked some more; We ate, and then we ate some more, and then we literally soared over Miraflores on my cousin’s Paragliders.

I wrote a blog post on my cycling site detailing the trip, but here are some of the memorable moments from our time down there:

  1. Arriving in Lima and having a driver holding out a board with our names on it. Kim was stoked about it – the trip could have ended for her right there and she would have been happy.
  2. Scott starting to drink Inca Kola and not stopping until we left – he likes it…
  3. Putting together our bikes and heading out to Panchitas for a way to extravagant dinner – despite the fact we were getting picked up at 4:00 am for Olleros.
  4. Riding Olleros and Scott proclaiming it was the best ride ever!
  5. Re-packing the bikes and heading out to Cuzco on Peru Air. I don’t know what Scott said to the counter guy, but we did not get charged for flying our bikes
  6. Arriving in Cuzco and being greeted by a Scottish Guide – Scott was like say what?!? Dougie turned out to be a gem; Scott immediately put him on the spot: “I just rode the best trail ever yesterday; you better have something good for us in store…” Dougie: “Don’t worry mate – we have a wee bit good riding here…”
  7. Riding Maras, Moray and Scott posing with his shirt open – we urged him to please just zip it.
  8. Riding Huchuy Qosqo and Scott proclaiming it was the best ride ever!
  9. Going to Machu Picchu and then walking down to Aguas Calientes (no longer called that BTW) and Scott ordering a Tuna Pizza; I was like: “dude – you’re going to get sick – I can’t imagine that tuna is fresh…” Scott got sick.
  10. Riding in the vomit bus from Ollantaytambo to Urubamba – the short drive took nearly thrice as long for all the vomit stops.
  11. Heading back to Lima and meeting my brother and spending three days in the company of my parents, sister and niece with Uncle Scott and Mikey;
  12. Finally flying over Miraflores on the Paragliders of Aeroxtreme, my cousin’s outfit.

Those two weeks simply flew by – and before we knew it we were on our way home and planning the next adventure.

Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

Lots of progress since I last posted. I am eating “real” food. I am in a power wheelchair that I control with my mouth. And I no longer have a neck collar. I have had lots of visitors and I get to see my brother and my grandkids this weekend. I am still overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from all my family and friends. Thank you for all the cards that I have received since I have been here at Kessler. I remain upbeat and positive and will continue to fight the good fight. Scud
PS: Scuds Army Rocks !!!!!!
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