Scudfries 2.0: Updated & Ready For The Long Haul

As you can see, we have been busy around here at Mutual Scud pal and long-time personal friend Martin helped to give us a new look, and we are hard at work overhauling the site to make sure that it can continue to serve as the portal for all things related to Scud’s recovery. One new feature here is a chance to share your favorite Scud story. Also, don’t forget about our awesome Flickr pool. And, as many of you have already been doing, please make use of our comments system. Scud has always been a community builder; let’s show him how great he was at it! Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 1.12.26 PM

I just finished a massive update to our amazing donors list, which can now be found under the “Team” link in our redesign. As I have been saying since day one, this community is AMAZING! This list is incredible, and Scud and family have taken notice! They are comforted not just by the financial impact of what we are doing here but also by the way the community has come together to rally behind them.

Thanks to your generous contributions, we have raised about $65k for “Uncle” Scud and family. You all should be incredibly proud of what we have done here. That said, I want to take a moment and hammer home that this effort really is a long-term deal. I’ve joked a few times that this is going to be a whole lot more SM100 than W@W. Well, Scud and his family are in this for the long haul, facing a long and challenging recovery, and the Scud army (as we’re being called) is going to be a huge part of this effort. Our ongoing support is going to make a real difference.

So, does this mean we’re going to keep hitting you up to donate as you can and spread the word? You bet! But beyond that, there are going to be opportunities for all of us to step up, volunteer our time, or just otherwise show our support. This website will be your one-stop shop for finding ways to help our pal Scud. So to all my fellow members of Scud’s army, I say, stay tuned for your future assignments! We have work to do and a long march ahead of us. (But you can bet there’ll be Scudfries waiting at the end!)

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