So many ways to support Scud!

First off sorry we haven’t had a update in the past couple weeks. I did go through a couple days ago and update our team Scud page. You guys continue to show a tremendous amount of support. To date the fund is closing in on 75k raised! I’ll be posting up a more detailed thanks etc soon.

In the meantime I wanted to point out that I continue to be impressed at the creative ways you guys are supporting ScudFries. Today my buddy John posted up a MORE jersey on the MORE site, free to anyone who donated to ScudFries. That jersey disappeared quickly! I find it amazing and inspiring that so many are finding their own way to support Scud and Scudfries. People giving away jerseys, organizing rides, selling wrist bands.. The list goes on and on. The most amazing thing is you guys keep delivering!

Thanks to each and everyone of you who continue to give and support Scott!

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