Travel Companion

I spent a little time with Jen this morning, she stopped by the house to drop something off and I got to show her some of the pictures I have in my archive of Scott and me in the various trips we’ve taken together over the years; So I figured I’d share some of the highlights of our adventures with you.

Over the years we’ve traveled all over the place – me much less than him – but I managed to either drag  him along on one or two of my trips or he has coerced me (hardly) into heading out on one of his. We’ve been out west and ridden in Colorado and Utah. We’ve headed south to ride epic single track in North Carolina. Most recently we headed north to Vermont to take Ari and Marie to the Little Bellas MTB Camp, and in between we’ve gone on a myriad of “couple of hour” long trips to ride around our region.

Since he moved to Monticello our outings became less frequent, but I still managed to head down there for one reason or another – to either goof around in the lake, build Saint Margaret a step in the front of the house, or to simply ride Walnut Creek.

The trips always revolved around cycling, but it just wasn’t all about that. In Colorado he managed to reconnect with some old friends and introduced me to some new ones. In North Carolina we spent some great times with Tony, Kevin and Christina; We fired of some rounds and ate some amazing pulled pork. In Vermont he dragged me into the Ben & Jerrys Factory (how could I resist) and yet again introduced me to a slew of new friends.

But arguably, the best and most memorable trip I ever went on with Scud was the voyage we took together, along with 9 other friends, to Peru. That trip meant quite a bit to me because after years of telling him about my homeland I finally got to show him first hand where I grew up.

We spent a little time in Lima, then 10 days riding in Cuzco, and another 4 just chilling back in Lima with my family. We literally spent every waking moment together for 15 days and had a blast. We biked and then biked some more; We ate, and then we ate some more, and then we literally soared over Miraflores on my cousin’s Paragliders.

I wrote a blog post on my cycling site detailing the trip, but here are some of the memorable moments from our time down there:

  1. Arriving in Lima and having a driver holding out a board with our names on it. Kim was stoked about it – the trip could have ended for her right there and she would have been happy.
  2. Scott starting to drink Inca Kola and not stopping until we left – he likes it…
  3. Putting together our bikes and heading out to Panchitas for a way to extravagant dinner – despite the fact we were getting picked up at 4:00 am for Olleros.
  4. Riding Olleros and Scott proclaiming it was the best ride ever!
  5. Re-packing the bikes and heading out to Cuzco on Peru Air. I don’t know what Scott said to the counter guy, but we did not get charged for flying our bikes
  6. Arriving in Cuzco and being greeted by a Scottish Guide – Scott was like say what?!? Dougie turned out to be a gem; Scott immediately put him on the spot: “I just rode the best trail ever yesterday; you better have something good for us in store…” Dougie: “Don’t worry mate – we have a wee bit good riding here…”
  7. Riding Maras, Moray and Scott posing with his shirt open – we urged him to please just zip it.
  8. Riding Huchuy Qosqo and Scott proclaiming it was the best ride ever!
  9. Going to Machu Picchu and then walking down to Aguas Calientes (no longer called that BTW) and Scott ordering a Tuna Pizza; I was like: “dude – you’re going to get sick – I can’t imagine that tuna is fresh…” Scott got sick.
  10. Riding in the vomit bus from Ollantaytambo to Urubamba – the short drive took nearly thrice as long for all the vomit stops.
  11. Heading back to Lima and meeting my brother and spending three days in the company of my parents, sister and niece with Uncle Scott and Mikey;
  12. Finally flying over Miraflores on the Paragliders of Aeroxtreme, my cousin’s outfit.

Those two weeks simply flew by – and before we knew it we were on our way home and planning the next adventure.