Scott to Scud, Long ago & Far away!

Fletcher here, I know Scott may claim the “Fifth Dimension or Diplomatic Immunity” or something like that but here it goes:

Since this goes back away I may need help of the Tribal Elders, B, Hero, Wes, Dan, Karen, Mark, Larry, Bob, Vince, etc.

Bullets: know a lot of you but have been gone from MORE and NO VA since ’99, in ATL GA.

  • Saw an ad in Dirt Rag from a fellow I refer to as Mr. B. wanting to ride MTB’s near C’Ville, hooked up and the group grew. This was in the early ‘90’s I had an ’89 Fisher with chain stay mounted brakes, still have it, any of you folks seen thumb shifters? WTB Phoenix has thumb shifters as well, steel is real!
  • Let’s start a club! The bike shop in C’Ville and Performance at the circle had us with open arms.
  • Remember this? Ringle, Cook Brothers, Fat Chance, Anodized parts, (blue, purple, etc?) Thomson (my home town, Macon) Cane Creek (Fletcher, NC)
  • Dirt Fest? Put on by Dirt Rag somewhere in PA, Way before Jim Thorpe
  • Slatyfork, way before 24 hrs
  • Scud, Ambassador, Met him as an amateur football player wanting to ride ATB’s many years ago! 17 plus? What a guy, Margaret too! Many a mile, many a log on a campfire, many fries and wings many a beer, many a fib, many a laugh
  • I am fortunate you are a part of my life and everyone else you have and will touch!
  • BTW-I think we called you “Scud” after a long range Russian missile in the early”90”S because we never knew where you would land.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

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