The Solitude of Cold

When I woke up today (after working all night) at around noon. I thought, “Man, its cold outside!” I’m sitting here thinking that I was too tired and didn’t wanna go out and ride. I then think that Scud probably would call me about now and he’d talk me into going out for a ride. So I load the bike up and head for Pleasant Grove. When I get there I put on my winter shoes, helmet, and gloves and look at the temperature. Its about 30 degrees out. Its not that cold, in fact I’ve ridden in much colder.

We knew that it was going to snow and were looking forward to it.

We knew that it was going to snow and were looking forward to it.

My thoughts begin to go to a very cold day in January. Scud and I decided to go for a ride on Jan. 25 of this year at Pleasant Grove. We knew that it was going to snow and were looking forward to it. That day at ride time, i believe it was around 20 degrees out. I remember eating lunch with Heather and the kids prior to the ride and her telling me I was nuts for going out to ride. (I remember, Margaret saying the same thing to Scud). We ignored them anyway. I don’t remember the exact route that day but I remember it being one of the most memorable rides of the year. When you say to most people that you’re going to ride your bike in 20 degree weather when its snowing, most people give you a strange look. Its hard to motivate yourself in those conditons much less have someone out there, as crazy as you, out there with you. It is a memory and a ride with a very good friend that I will carry with me forever. To add to the craziness, we even went for a run afterwards.

While riding today, I kept thinking about that day, I thought about the cold today and the cold today, I thought about my friend and smiled. I even looked behind me a couple of times expecting to see Scud behind me and smiling. I began missing my friend, missing our conversations as we rode, sharing in the cold and knowing I was sharing that moment with someone and making what ever conditions were present more bearable. The more I rode today, the more I wanted to ride. I didn’t notice the cold after a bit.

Keep fighting, buddy! You are in my thoughts every day and on every single ride I go on. That day in Jan is one of the many fond memories I have of riding with you.


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One thought on “The Solitude of Cold

  1. Dear Martin,

    I don’t know you. But I can see how much of a special friend you are to Scott. True friends like you come once in a lifetime. I hope someday to meet you also.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Nancy Pasquale

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