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Scud and I have been to many places together, and out of ALL his friends, I’m the one he’s likely spent the most time with.

He held and cradled me early in my life. I was born in 2004, and since then, he’s cared for me meticulously as I aged. He made sure I always had my fluids checked and always performed my scheduled maintenance; sometimes, he also gave me a little extra love and detailed and decorated me with cool cycling stickers.

I, in turn, have been faithful and highly dependable for him (I am after all a Volvo), always there when he needed me. And still here today.

He’s been in me (take your mind out of the gutter please) thousands of times, and together we’ve logged a little over 127,000 miles. We’ve headed north, south, east and west countless of times in search of adventure, and often found it.

I carried his bikes, sometimes three of them, and a kayak on my roof. And, in my spacious trunk I held all his junk 😉

I was with him on September 22nd, and unfortunately, that has been the last time we were together.

I miss him.

I also know that our time together is quickly coming to an end and that soon I’ll have to move on and share the next phase of my life with someone else. It’s my hope that it’s with someone who shares Scott’s and my passion and zeal for adventure.

I want my racks staked with bikes again, I can take 2
I want to to carry Kayaks again, I can take 3!
I want to ferry my new owner to new destinations and share in her (or his) adventures, My engine and underbody have been thoroughly inspected and are good to go.
I want to visit all the trail and lake heads Scott took me to while we were together once again, I have 127,000 miles but have lots to go.

I know Scott wants me to keep going and would prefer that I end up with someone who shares his since for adventure.

Over the course of the last month he’s made sure that I have received all kinds of extra care. I’ve been tuned, detailed, checked and re-checked and i’m ready to make someone else happy.

Could that be you? I sure hope so, because the last thing I want is to be placed on craigs list where some weirdo will take me away and never show me another trailhead; I’d much rather be with someone who knows Scott and understands what I need.

Interested? Then please post a comment below and someone will contact you with the details, including price and my maintenance history, so that you know that when you take me home I’ll give you another 100K+ miles of driving enjoyment.

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