Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

Lots of progress since I last posted. I am eating “real” food. I am in a power wheelchair that I control with my mouth. And I no longer have a neck collar. I have had lots of visitors and I get to see my brother and my grandkids this weekend. I am still overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from all my family and friends. Thank you for all the cards that I have received since I have been here at Kessler. I remain upbeat and positive and will continue to fight the good fight. Scud
PS: Scuds Army Rocks !!!!!!
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14 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

    • Sounds like you’re “rockin” Kessler, Scott, keep the faith, you are an inspiration to us all.. Hope to see you on our return from Florida for the holidays.

  1. Yay! Dad!
    I’m so happy to see you posting! A wise and sweet woman told me today that Life is all about Two Steps forward…One step back. Much like your training as an athlete. Remind me to tell you about that awesome lady, Julie. Your still the same Scud we all know and Love and I am inspired by you. Always have been. Always will.
    My kids are not going to sleep well tonight and tomorrow night until they see you!!!!
    Love you!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s great to hear. All of us here on the WRT are looking forward to seeing you back home again soon. Hearing your voice would be wonderful.

  3. Great Job Dad!!! So happy to see you posting I can’t wait to see you in Dec! I love being able to hear your voice on the weekends even your singing LA LA LA LA LA ha ha it’s so great to know you haven’t stopped being the Scott Scudamore we all love and cherish! and as my friend Chico said to me today your dad can get through anything ” for gods sake he has you as a daughter that can make any man lose their mind” he always likes poking fun at me!!! I love you dad and I can’t wait to come home and see you and the great progress that you will be making!!!! I hope to hear your voice this weekend

  4. Scud I’m thrilled to hear about your amazing progress, and better yet straight from you. You are always on my mind, and I’ve been hoping and praying for you this entire time. With your amazing charisma no doubt you’re teaching everyone else a thing or two!! Keep up the good work. I want to come visit you in a few weeks with Sharon and Philip. We’ll get that coordinated.

    Hi Margaret. You amaze me just the same. You are one outstanding lady, and Scud is truly a very fortunate man to have you. I think about you, too, and wish the best to your entire family. I really enjoy reading the updates.

    Keep shining!

  5. Way to go!!! Two minus one is still PLUS ONE!! (okay – that is the math teacher in me) which means you are going in the POSITIVE direction! We check each day for any news and think about you all the time. We know your time with the grandkids this weekend will be a real boost to your spirit. Keep up the great work – we are praying each day that your steps forward are bigger and more numerous than any steps back. Take care!!!!

  6. Great to hear!! You have been in my prayers. I love your perseverance!! You still sound like the guy I remember. Best wishes to you on your progress. You can and you will!! God bless. -Allyson (Babcock) Jurmu 🙂

  7. I’m a friend of Flectcher’s and a fellow cyclist. We’ve never met, but I’ve heard lots of stories. Just wanted to wish you well and say stay strong and positive!

  8. Way to go, Scott! Two steps forward and one back is about the best that most of us can achieve on a regular basis. Sorry you’ve had to join the world of mere mortals!

    Thinking of you and Margret every day and checking regularly for news of your latest accomplishments 🙂

  9. Sounds like two steps forward and NONE back. And great to see you posting with your ipad. I finally got to ride Richmond trails this weekend. Nice trails!
    I miss you. Keep up the good work and enjoy the grandkids.

  10. TL
    Your Friday Rescue Team has your back still. Not a duty day goes by without discussion about how thankful we were for your support. We added a second EMT, but sure miss you. Keep on truckin’.

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