Want to ride with Scud? Buy the new scudfries fundraiser jersey!

One of the things I have been so amazed and thankful for while working on scudfries.org is the number of people looking for ways to help.  I’ve received so many encouraging e-mails and offers of assistance that it’s really incredible and rewarding beyond words.

One such offer came from Gordon, who works for Starlight Custom Apparel. Gordon is a teammate of Scud’s who races for Blue Ridge Cyclery. Like so many of us, Gordon  counts Scud as a close friend. Gordon was looking for a way to help and offered to design and sell a custom jersey to support the scudfries.org effort.

Now here is the even greater part – this custom jersey is being sold as a fundraiser! Gordon has arranged for $25 of every jersey purchased to come right back here as a donation to Scud’s recovery fund. These jerseys are only $60 plus shipping, and we think you’ll agree that they kick serious ass. I ordered two this morning as soon as Gordon sent me the link (barely beating Kevin to the punch).

SCUD front SCUD back

Many of you have been asking for shirts and/or a jersey to show support, so Kevin and I wasted no time jumping at the chance to work with Gordon on this.  Starlight is selling these on their website for us and they can be purchased here. Our sincere thanks go out to Gordon and Starlight for helping us with this project and helping to support Scud! Let’s ride with Scud!

9 thoughts on “Want to ride with Scud? Buy the new scudfries fundraiser jersey!

  1. Hey…I can’t wait to get this jersey and wear it proudly for our bud, Scud!!
    Marc..I’m having the same issue with the website. I contacted the bike store and was told my an employee that the website is being worked on due to that very issue.

    I hope to see these jerseys all over the road and trails!
    Please do provide an update on Scud as the CaringBridge site hasn’t provided anything in the past few days.

    Thanks so much

  2. I posted this on CCVA-forums and a few folks have reported issues @ checkout; the payment selection at the bottom of the page is not working…

    Has anyone else had an issue?

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