We Ride/Race With Scud

Below is the most recent list of those who are riding/racing with Scud: Scud’s Team!
Updated 11/17/2013

Thanks to each and every one of the people on this list! This is one impressive field of racers. In addition to the periodic thank you posts I’ll keep this list updated to the most recent.

*If you want to remain anonymous just drop me a line when you donate and I’ll manually pull your name out* scudfries@more-mtb.org

We Ride/Race With Scud

Aaron Bernard
Aaron Oswald
Aaron Prevo
Alan Green
Alan Santos
Albert Greene
Alex Barenblitt
Alex Lim
Alix Paget-Brown
Allison Greene
Amanda Otis
Amy Buckley
Amy Frederick
Andre Jackson
Andrew Havill
andrew neal
Andrew Soltis
Ann Chen
Annie C. Wynn
anthony vachino
Arden Sperty
Arlen Gargagliano
Arthur Smith
Austin Steo
Avalon Computer
Barbara Anne Am Ende
Barry Nobles
Barry Quigley
Barry Sherry
Beatrice Newbury
Beth Currie
Beth Jenkins
Bettie Sperty
Blaine Cosgro
Bob Bilson
Bob Caverly
Boris & Company
brett Liles
Brian Decker
Brian Junkins
Brian Knight
Brian Markle
brian poochigian
Bruce Keyes
Bruce Marco
Bruce McLaughlin
Bruce Morningstar
Bruce Wood
Bryan Muller
Cade Kistler
Carl Buising
Carl Nasr
Carla Holmes
Carlo Alfano
Caroleene Paul
Carrie Latalladi
Catherine L Case
Catherine Hovis
Cathie Marshall
Chad Kasell
Charles Shoemaker
Charles Turner
Chas Ryan
Cheryl Lee-Pow
Chuck Stolze
Chris Ammon
Chris Chatfield
Chris Danaceau
Chris Sugai
Christina Higgins
Christina Meyer
Christina Schulz
Christina Toms
Christine Frost
Christopher Barnes
christopher michaels
Christopher Nystrom
Clare Novak
Claudette Warner
Coastal Riverine Squadron 3 Alpha Company
Colby Waller
Cortney Crane
Curtis L Hampton
Dan Hudson
Dan Speece
Daniel Abate
Daniel Atkins
Daniel Drumwright
Daniel Hostler
Daniel Morrissey
Daniel Wendell
Dario Cubric
Darren Buck
David Barrett
David C Lachniet
david ferraro
David George
David Magill
David Mark Kennet
David Pace
David Petrie
David Rees
David Scull
David Simpson
David Stackhouse
David Todd
Deborah Bowman
Deborah Franco
Debra Li
Dee Reeb
Denis Chazelle
Donna Maywald
Donna Ross
Doug & Lynn Early
Douglas Brede
Douglas Pepelko
Edward Dixon
Elaine Hess
Elise Adams
Elizabeth Fulton
elizabeth sarkovics
Elizabeth Vogel
Emily McDonald
Eric Blomquist
Eric Crawford
Eric Stavisky
Eric von Eckartsberg
Erin Bishop
Erin Kelman
Ernest Rodriguez
esther schaftel
Evan Wagner
Ezra Wolfe
Frank Febbraro
Frank Maguire
Frank Perry
Frank Raiti
Fred Klauber
Fred McGill
Fred Wittwer
Frederick Hoehn
Fresco Designs
George E Werkheiser
George Mattera
Greg Coleman
Greg Prouty
Gregg Mokrzycki
Gregory Seaman
gustavo krassevich
Harry Ramsey
Heather Figler
Heidi Moynihan
Howard Olsen
J Casey
J L Rickard
Jacqueline Kelley
James Beadle
James Clark
James Harman
James Hoofnagle
James McEver
Jan Feuchtner
Jan Feuchtner – Bikenetic
Janet Clark
Janet Soule
Janine Gallacher
Jason Ashmore
Jason Clarke
Jason Hade
Jason Miller
jason stoner
Jay Franklin
Jeff Gravatte
Jeffrey Dalik
Jen Wolfarth
Jennifer Dice
Jennifer Person
Jennifer Tillman
Jennifer Vydareny
Jens Nielsen
jesse buppert
Jill Ranes
Jim McGonigle
Joanne Desruisseaux
Jodi Salazar
Jody Husser
Joe Foley Photography, LLC
Joe Fritsch
joe letke
Joel Gwadz
Joel Kennet
Joel Webber
Joel Wilson
Joey Baird
John Adams
John Bolecek
John Claman
John Gabriel
John Havill
John Houston
john j wright
John O’Dwyer
John Piper
John Reynolds
John Rogers
John Sellers
John W Hargreaves
John Wray
John Youngdahl
Jon Schultz
Jonathan Ciambotti
Jonathan Godlike
John W Hargreaves
Jonathan Kaye
Jonathan Seibold
jonny posner
Joseph Drwiega
Jonathan Foley
Joseph Penano
Joseph Politano
Joseph Romano
Joseph White
Joseph Zaczyk
Joshua Friscia
Julie Guy
Julie Mattison
Juliet Whitehair
Justin Rillon
Katherine fisher
Katherine Gaudet
Katherine Smyth
Kathleen Ascenzi
Kathleen Diehr
Kathleen Donahue
keck baker
Kelley A Noonan
Kelly Bacon
Kelley Renshaw
Kelly O’Dell
Kenneth Bruni
Kenneth Duffau
Kenneth Goldwasser
Kenneth Lohr
Kent Baake
Kevin Adams
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Seay
Kimberlee Wendell
Kinda Sandridge
Kristen Hughes
Kristopher Hayne
Kristi Lombard
larry camp
Larry Stremikis
Laura Cromartie
Laura Hendrix
Laura Kennedy
Laura Kielb
Lawrence Cautilli
Leonard Forkas JR
leslie keck
Lindsey Blakley
Liquidsales LLC
Lisa Mackem
Liz Notter
Louise Brinton
Luke Minter
Lynn Grasso
Maggie Kemp
majed jafari
Marc Genberg
Marc Hengartner
Marc Potash
Marco Demartin
Marcus Popetz
Margaret Saunders
Marianne Swann
Marisa Peacock
Mark and Leslie Armbruster
Mark Burkett
Marc Gwadz
Mark McLewee
mark novak
Mark Pantall
Mark Wallace
Mark Wigfield
Martin Leska
Martin Mork
Mary C English
Mary Jo Maralit
Mary Salemme
Masrshall Hammond
Matt & Katie Donahue
Matthew Heller
Matthew Kesecker
Maureen Glandon
Maureen Pleet
Maurice Roche
Meghan Minihan
Melissa Kibbe
Melissa Markiewicz
Mercedes Ortiz-Olivieri
Micaela Marr
Michael Bender
Michael Berube
Michael Cachat
Michael Dart
Michael Frasketi
Michael Klasmeier
Michael Minihan
Michael Scardaville
Michael Tinyk
Michael Van Abel
michael wendell
Mike Bletzacker
Monette Bailey
Nancy Devore
Nancy McClintock
Natalie Krovetz
Nathan Miller
Nathan Summers
Neil Arnold
Nicholas Taylor
Nicole Valentine
Nick Sauer
Pamela Beyme
Patrick Miller
Patrick Roberts
Paul Crowther
Paul Hardy
Paul Morris
Peter Beers
peter dailey
Peter Hufnagel
Petr Minar
Phil Rollison
Philip vanWerkhoven
Pierre A Sandoval
R John Lye
Rachel Faulise
Raena Cassidy
Raphael Silvestro
Raymond Crew
Rebecca Bafford
Renee LaPerriere
Richard Cook
Richard McAfee
Richardson Anthony
Richard Mullen
Road Runner Mobile Bike Service
Robert Carhart Jr
Robert Compton
Robert Diehr
Robert Eiserman
Robert Fresa
Robert Lowe
Robin Smarte
Robin Vertino
Rodd Kugler
Roderick Hines
Ron Molinas
Rosadel Hoffman
ryan mauter
Ryan Wallace
Salvador Ruibal
Samuel Wasmundt
Sarah Keitt
Sarah Richards
scott Brown
Scott Fitzner
Scott Garrity
Scott Warner
Scout Camp Rides for Scud
Sean Chisham
Seth Wood
Sharon Maloid
Sharron Baird
Shirley Hottot
Sid Rappe
Sidney Koss
Simona Vincenciova
Stacey Seidel
Starlight Bicycles LLC
Steig Hallquist
Stephanie Blanch
Stephanie Wolf
Stephen Harmon
Stephen Miller
Stephen T Campbell
Steve Gray
Steve Ryan
Steven DonTigny
Steven Patrick
Steven Spearman
steven valero
Sue Nickel
Susan Driano
Susan Musante
Susanne Adams
Tammy Donahugh
Teresa Westfall
Teri Bemis
Terri Spanogle
The Art of Massage
Theodore Kozlow
Thomas Bouber
Thomas C Pannorfi
Thomas Crenshaw
Thomas Howe
Thomas Mathis
Thomas Moore JR
Thomas Roland
Tim and Janelle Whalen
Tim Hegemier
Tim Laseter
Tim McCaffrey
Tim Stelzig
Timothy Deputy
Todd Bayliss
todd Brooks
Todd Brunjes
Todd J Strauss
tom crotty
Tom Jackson
Tom Neumann
Tom Newton
Tom Sauret
Tracy Posner
Travis Dreelin
Tyler Newby
Tyler Wean
Valerie Lehman
Vincent Amodeo
Vivian Donahue
Wesley Smith
Whitney Houck
William Bransom
William Hoye
William Lynn
William Swann
William Wheeler

5 thoughts on “We Ride/Race With Scud

  1. We are praying for your dad and your family. I do not know him, your story touched me. You must be a strong young lady. Stay that way, God Bless, Jen

  2. I can’t thank you all enough for your generous donations. The outpouring of support for Scott has been truly phenomenal.

    You all are an amazing group of people.

    Scott’s little brother

  3. Scud– this was quite a shock; I just learned of your accident a couple days ago. Hadn’t visited MORE site in a while I guess. I’ve known you casually for years via EX2 events, where I’ve raced & volunteered. Was always a pleasure to see you ‘out there’ at various venues. I send my best wishes; will pray for your recovery. By all accounts, it seems you’ve retained your great attitude; ‘Keep the shiny side up!’

    Regards to you & your family,
    –Brad Rothermel

  4. Greetings Scott,

    It really breaks my heart to hear about your accident :’-(

    Everything that happens is for the greater glory of God, It just that most of the time we don’t understand how an accident like yours fit into the greater glory. You are such an inspiration to everyone that have crossed your path. Thanks for all of the positive energy, encouragement and support that you have personally given me whenever my Mountain Bike have crossed your path.

    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and will trust in God that our Mountain Biking paths will cross again.


  5. Dear Scudamore family,
    This news comes as a terrible shock to me. I have fond memories racing with Scott at EX2 event at Rocky Gap and at The Xterra Eastern Championship in Richmond. He was always going out of his way in helping folks find their way at registration and also helping fellow riders on the course. I had my own nickname for him as Mr. XTERRA because I knew he would be at the race. He was a kind man with kind words. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and knowing that Scott is part of God’s plan.

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